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Z-wave control - royalj7 - 11-03-2013

Just wondering if anyone is using MiCasaVerde for z-wave device control? If so, is anyone integrating it with CQC in any way? I'm looking for a solution and have not had any luck with controling my devices from CQC directly. I know an Elk can do it, but I'm trying to avoid getting a full blown security system to manage my z-wave devices.

If not MiCasaVerde, how about 2Gig?


Z-wave control - Dean Roddey - 11-03-2013

What issues have you had with CQC direct control? What hardware have you tried on that front?

Z-wave control - royalj7 - 11-05-2013

Hey Dean,

My issues go back a little ways. You actually helped me with alot of it, but ultimately could not figure out way my modules would stop responding through CQC, while they were readable in the Leviton software. I'm sure there have been many improvements with CQC since then, but I really don't have much troubleshooting time and upgrading for me isn't my first choice. I went through two versions while working on the problem and in the course wrecked my Sage/My Movies functionality.


Z-wave control - Dean Roddey - 11-05-2013

If you can set up the remote port server when you get it into a funk, I can connect to it and see if I can see what's going on.