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Email Broken - RichardU - 04-12-2013

I'm running Win7-32. Email was working fine until two days ago, about when I did a Windows update. Now, if I test an email, I get:

Error # 5103/0/0
The reply from the SMTP server had a bad length. Reply=

I tried adding a different email SMTP server and I get the same result.

Email Broken - Dean Roddey - 04-12-2013

What version of CQC are you on? For that matter, I also got some udpates a couple days ago, and it more or less broke Outlook. I had to undo them. This happens fairly often to me. I get some updates and the next day Outlook (and often IE and RDP) are all hosed up and Outlook won't shut down.

Not sure if these are related things or not.

Well, today the updates came back again and I'm hosed again. RDP won't work, and outlook is failing trying to download my mail. So I'm going to run them back again. Sigh...

Email Broken - RichardU - 04-12-2013

I gave up on Outlook a long time ago. Thunderbird/Lightning were a much better choice for me.

I'm using CQC 4.2.17. So how would I debug this? I have other programs that can email fine.

Email Broken - wuench - 04-12-2013

See if you can telnet to your email server and port from your machine. And see if you get a response, might be a windows firewall thing...

(If you don't have telnet installed, download putty).

Email Broken - Dean Roddey - 04-12-2013

I'm really broken, though it looks like it's the server side. I can't get my mail and I can't connect to the server to reboot it. And I couldn't get the ISP portal to work in order to put in a ticket, so I had to call them and get them to start a reboot ticket for me. So hopefully I'll be happy again here in a bit.

Email Broken - Dean Roddey - 04-12-2013

OK, well our server is happy again anyway. Those are always scary days when something goes awry like that. And I guess in this case I incorrectly blamed Windows update for it when it was the server most likely.

Email Broken - DaveB - 04-12-2013

In the FWIW department, I have all the latest windows 7 updates as of today and my email works. I send a twice daily ping out from my server as below.

P3=The CQC server is alive
P4=The CQC server is alive and well

Email Broken - Dean Roddey - 04-12-2013

Can you get me the whole error, which has location info and such. That could help. But basically it's complaining that it got back a line that's empty, and none of them should be empty.

Email Broken - RichardU - 04-12-2013

Tried with two SMTP servers:

Facility: CIDSock
Error#: 5008/0/0
Severity: Failed
Error Class: Timeout
Connect operation failed. Tried to connect to:

Facility: CIDNet
Error#: 5103/0/0
Severity: Failed
Error Class: Data Format
The reply from the SMTP server had a bad length. Reply=

I installed Thunderbird on this computer and it can sent emails.



Email Broken - Dean Roddey - 04-12-2013

Is the first one that they aren't using 25 for SMTP? Sometimes another port is used, and it looks like you just couldn't connect because the port was wrong.

On the other one, the server seems to be sending an empty line upon connection, which it shouldn't do. When the client connects it gets a set of header lines with information in it. The code is working through those and gets a blank line, which isn't legal.

Any way you can get me a capture of the traffic going back and forth?