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Tray Monitor - zra - 04-03-2013

Hi Dean,

I cant remember if ive brought this up to you before, but ive been experiancing a periodic crash of the app tray monitor. one thing thats possible is that my symantec security is shutting it down, but i just ran a few scans and it didnt detect any issues, so im not sure about that theory.

ive enabled verbose logging, so ill look at that in a few days and see. in the mean time do you have any ideas about this problem? its occuring about once a week perhaps a little more.

restarting the system fixes it temporarly.


Tray Monitor - Dean Roddey - 04-03-2013

No obvious ideas. Anything in the system happening on that sort of schedule? Something that uses the App Control system? Are you using iTunes?

Tray Monitor - zra - 04-03-2013

nothing that i can think of. yes, using itunes. any connection there?

Tray Monitor - Dean Roddey - 04-03-2013

Nothing I can think of right off hand. I presume iTunes updates aren't happening that often, right? Not that that should particularly kill it. Do you see any undue growth in memory usage over time on the tran monitor process or anything?

Tray Monitor - zra - 04-03-2013

no, but i will make note of that. ill report back in a few days.

thanks Dean.

Tray Monitor - Dean Roddey - 04-03-2013

Oh, and I should have asked you what version of CQC you are using. A lot of spilt milk has passed under the bridge since the last formal release and the issue may no longer exist if you are still using the 4.2.17 version.

Tray Monitor - zra - 04-04-2013

im actually back on .13. ill upgrade and see what that does.

Tray Monitor - rbroders - 04-05-2013

I'm on 4.2.914 and also have the Tray Monitor crash problem.

Not using iTunes and have no virus program.

The only reason I have it is for XBMC. I use the appcontrol driver so XBMC doesn't have to run constantly. Considering that the Tray Monitor crashes, maybe I'm better off running XBMC all the time!

When the Tray Monitor crashes (as it is now), restarting the tray monitor does not cause it to start. The only thing that gets it going again is a full system reboot.

Okay, a little more research:
The CQCTrayMon.exe process is not dead. However the icon is gone.
The tray settings are Show Icon and Notifications, but the icon is gone.
When I change the settings to hide and then back to show it said something like there is no icon but it will be shown when it comes back. The description under CQCTrayMon.exe said The Server Is Running.

Starting CQCTrayMon.exe has no effect (since it is still running).
Killing the CQCTrayMon.exe process and then Starting CQCTrayMon.exe causes the icon to be displayed and happy.

When the icon is gone, CQCTrayMon does not perform its appcontrol duties and will not start XBMC for me.

Haven't reported this before becuase it is quite sporadic and I haven't isolated and action which causes the hang (other than time).


Tray Monitor - zra - 04-05-2013

Thanks Bob,

Those symptoms are identical to mine.

i just upgraded to the current beta .19(think) yesterday. ill advise if i get a crash or if i dont.

seems that ive not gone more than a week without a crash, so counting from yesterday ill let you know if i have nothing in a week.

Tray Monitor - Dean Roddey - 04-05-2013

Anybody else having a similar issue?