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Sage TV Devices - Sendero - 02-15-2012

Decided to shut down my Sage system. So, I have 4 receivers to sell:
2 x STX-HD100 ($70)
1 x HD200 ($225)
1 x HD300 ($330)

All items are just units & power cord. No original boxes. All have a remote EXCEPT for one HD100.

Posting here before I post them to E-Bay this weekend. Let me know ASAP if interested.

Sage TV Devices - Sendero - 02-28-2012

OK, only the two HD100s left. Make an offer as I'm looking to move these out.

Sage TV Devices - kblagron - 03-03-2012

Just curious what you plan to replace these with? I have one HD200 that I distribute throughout the house via a B&K HD-6. We primarily watch ripped DVD's on it, but with the lack of support in the future, I was contemplating something else. I ripped my DVD's in the VOB format, but haven't figured out anything that will handle them as gracefully as Sage does.

Sage TV Devices - SomeWhatLost - 03-03-2012

have you tried Dune?
if you are only doing doing DVD/BR and no PVR you should have lots of options as far as solid players go... not sure what options have a solid control protocol though...

Sage TV Devices - wuench - 03-03-2012

Boxee is an option. But if I had to do that over again I would seriously consider just getting an AppleTV and loading XBMC on it. It seems Boxee has introduced a lot of issues in their last few releases.

I have an XBMC 11/Eden driver pretty much done, I just haven't had time to test it much, and have never tried it with AppleTV. I might just go ahead an upload it.

Sage TV Devices - dkemme - 03-09-2012

Three months ago I purchased an Apple TV 2 and installed XBMC and MythBox and built a simple Linux box and installed Mythbuntu. I cannot get the two to talk yet! Not as easy as Sage.... at least for computer morons like me...

I've decided to hold on MythTV and try to get Windows 7 SMB to play nice with the XBMC on ATV2 to at least get video playback running.

Hoping my last HD300 will last long enough for me to figure this out...