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10 android - burkepaol4 - 12-15-2010

does charmed quark support the elonex etouch 10" android tablet pc

10 android - znelbok - 12-15-2010

Dont see why not - it runs android and there is an android app available (tariva).

I am running tariva on android 2.1 now.


10 android - burkepaol4 - 12-17-2010

dont know if you can help me with this one.
got the app on android showing logo. gone back to pc in programmes cannot find the riva under cqc since i have upgraded 3.44 but it was there befor under old version looked on cqc webstte cont find any old programmes to down load. done a reinstall . i am using vista ultimate what am i doing wrong.


10 android - Dean Roddey - 12-17-2010

If you mean that you don't see the RIVA server running on the CQC server side, it's probably just because you didn't install it. So run the installer again on the server, go ahead and upgrade to the latest 3.4.8 if you are going to be doing that and kill two birds with one stone. Select the Fully Custom scenario, and go through until you find the RIVA server and enable it. There's also a Windows RIVA client if you want to install that, but generally there's no need to do so except on Windows clients that you want to use a RIVA client instead of the regular interface viewer.

10 android - burkepaol4 - 12-19-2010

andoid app tallus riva trial version cant seem to find licence key. tried on there web site .is there morer.

qcq riva netclientFF
error in logon using defined strings--
system . exception: failed to open view socket at
cqc. graphic framework . logon non promted dialog.
on timer (object sender. event args e)