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Misc. goodies for sale - AnthonyZ - 08-08-2010

I have the following items for sale...

First up is an Audio Authority 1362, composite/S-video to component(Y,Pb,Pr) or VGA converter. This was purchased for a project where we needed to add an Escient FP1's output into a component matrix switch. We ended up pulling the FP1 and going another route. So, instead of $299 new, I'm asking for $75. This device has less than one hour's use on it. (SOLD)
[Image: AA1362.jpg]

Next is a SENA Hello Device LS100 serial to Ethernet adapter. Single port of RS232 via network control a la Lantronix or similar. I am only asking $25 for this bad boy.
[Image: SENA.jpg]

Next up is a pair of Rad-IO touch screens and associated PC board. I have had neither the time or need to work with these so I am letting them all go as a package for only $75.
[Image: Rad-IO.jpg]

Lastly, I have three, very handy, Toslink to digital coax converters. These are great if you have a source device that has only a Toslink (optical) output for digital audio but your processor only has coax inputs available. Also great for remotely locating source devices (DVD, BluRay, SACD/DVD-Audio/CD) and extending the audio signal over coax cable. These are a mere $20/each for the two new models and $15 for the used.
[Image: Tos2Coax.jpg]

Best payment method is PayPal and shipping will be added to any item. As I have had great luck selling through these forums, we can work out payment once real shipping costs have been determined and the items are on their way (provided you are a regular visitor here, newbs won't be given the same trust).

Misc. goodies for sale - IVB - 08-08-2010


Misc. goodies for sale - Dean Roddey - 08-08-2010

The RadIO stuff isn't support anymore anyway. No one was using them that I'm aware of and it was too complex to deal with when all of the RIVA stuff was thrown into th emix.

Misc. goodies for sale - beelzerob - 08-08-2010

Dean Roddey Wrote:when all of the RIVA stuff was thrown into th emix.

RIVA? I thought the RadI/O just ran their screens off the video output of a common youd use the regular IV, not the RIVA. Or did I learn about some other product and I'm misremembering?

Misc. goodies for sale - Dean Roddey - 08-09-2010

It required a lot of special case code in the IV to deal with the Rad-IO stuff, which required having 8 little IVs all running at once at particular places on the screen, and various options, modes, and actions weren't valid when on the Rad-IO.

Misc. goodies for sale - froop - 08-09-2010

Dean Roddey Wrote:The RadIO stuff isn't support anymore anyway

It should probably be taken off the "Supported Drivers" list on the website then..

Misc. goodies for sale - Dean Roddey - 08-10-2010

Oops, sorry. I thought I already did that. I just removed it. Thanks.

Misc. goodies for sale - zpollock - 08-14-2010

Anthony - I'll take the AA1362. IM inbound.