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Will this work as server? - optix - 12-02-2009

I want to be able to use it with windows xp and serve music movies etc. Just want to make sure that if I put a quad core it will be able to work with CQC.


Will this work as server? - Dean Roddey - 12-02-2009

A quad core would likely be huge overkill for a server, unless it was really going to be serving a lot of clients. For a server, generally disc I/O capacity is more important. The actual CQC servers use very little juice. The real issue is that the guy can cough up the amount of data that the clients need. And also the issue of redundancy of the discs if you are going to be spending time ripping CDs and DVDs onto it, so some sort of at least RAID1 configuration.

If it's just going to be spooling out data, as apposed to doing the playing of the media on that machine (which is not recommend to do), then you could get away considerably less I'm sure, in terms of CPU anyway.

The only time that CPU might be an issue is if this guy was gonig to be the backend for a fair number of RIVA clients, in which case the bulk of the work goes on on the server for drawing all of the graphics and such.

Will this work as server? - optix - 12-03-2009

Thanks for the reply rodney, Do you have any recommendations on what would be a perfect machine for this set up. I want it to look nice with the other equipment and I do not want it to be a full blown tower "noise and space".

I always put my pc's together so barebone system would be fine, unless there is a nice system pre assembled that does not break the bank. Would like to stay under 1k on this part of the project.

Will this work as server? - sic0048 - 12-03-2009

I use to run my CQC server and my SageTV server on the same P4 3.0 ghz machine. It had no problems running CQC or recording the TV shows (I used another device for the playback - the P4 could not handle HD playback). There are people running the CQC server on low power fanless machines. It really doesn't take much.

I would say any dual core machine should work. If you want something with low power consumption, then even a lower power processor will work. But a dual core will leave you the flexability to run just about anything (like the datalogger driver and SQL database) or connect as many devices as you would ever need.

If you spend more than $500 I'd say you spent too much ;-)