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Media Center Plug-in - sic0048 - 12-14-2009

Squintz was doing a lot of work with the gateway XML. A quick search didn't uncover any code, but I'd PM him and see if he has anything he could share with you.

Media Center Plug-in - damian.flynn - 12-14-2009

thanks for the tip. - will do so now.

Media Center Plug-in - Dean Roddey - 12-14-2009

Actually, Mark has a lot of code originally written for the .Net Viewer before it was replaced with the new RIVA system. PM him and he can send you some code. You'll have to deal with the login stuff, which is a little complex.

Media Center Plug-in - sic0048 - 12-14-2009

There are posts from Squintz that he had made it at least past the login portion. He did get the code from Mark as his basis for a lot of the work he did. Again, I'm not sure how far he went into the process, but hopefully he can share enough for you to get through the login portion (which wasn't easy from what I read).

Media Center Plug-in - damian.flynn - 12-14-2009

thanks guys,

PM gone to Squintz to see if he can assist. Ill PM mark now also to see what magic he can pull out.


Media Center Plug-in - damian.flynn - 12-14-2009


This is going back in time I found a lot of discussion in 2007 on the XML gateway. One note from Mark points that the XML Gateway code was part of the DNV source code stuff. and suggested the current version was linked in the beta thread - but of course that is not the case any longer.

Anyone got a link to the last release of the DNV code? - ill keep searching in the interim.


Media Center Plug-in - wuench - 12-14-2009

What about using something like this to launch the interface viewer directly rather than trying to roll your own...

Media Center Plug-in - Mark Stega - 12-15-2009

I am away from my development system for about a week and won't be able to post until then. Somewhere I did post the XMLgateway authentication, authorization, & communication stack. If it isn't found by the time I get back I'll happily post it again. If you are itching to get going sooner, the communication stack in the recently posted RIVA .Net client is doggone close to the XML gateway and authorization follows the same protocol.

[Edit] It would be extremely easy to build a Silverlight client talking to the XML gateway via a WCF RIA service (and the same effort of an ASP.Net client). The only thing you need to build is a little standalone server that actually talks to the XML Gateway becuase the gateway is not currently stateless so would not play well with getting directly called from a WCF service.

[Edit2] I managed an RDP session to my dev system and zipped up the source for the XML Gateway communication example. It isn't up to date with all of the XML Gateway changes in 3.0 & 3.1 but should form an excellent framework to start. It has an example .Net web page with a button that causes a read and display of a field from your CQC server. I've asked Dean to post the file on the web site and add a reference to it here...

[Edit3] And if for some reason someone wants the old DNV code I can supply that also, but the major "good stuff" is in the communication & security frameworks.

Media Center Plug-in - Dean Roddey - 12-15-2009

Here is the source code of the messaging part of the old .Net Viewer.

Media Center Plug-in - damian.flynn - 12-15-2009

Mark/Dean. I really really appericate you going to this effort.

Mark - the comments on the silverlight proxy service are very interesting as onle of the goals would be to use this as a presentation layer.

Kind regards