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Android client ? - willplaice - 11-23-2009

just wondered if anyone has tried building an android client ?

I'm getting archos android tablets and will start off using them like my airpanels with rdp, but maybe a native client would be better ?


Android client ? - personalt - 11-25-2009

I saw these in 4 and 5 inch or so sizes. Are these around in bigger 15 inch or so sizes

Android client ? - potts.mike - 11-25-2009

I know that there is are a few ports out there including the nokia n810. It wouldn't surprise me if with a little work you could get it running on just about any hardware.

Android client ? - Fonceur - 01-31-2010

So how many people would be interested by an Android RIVA client?

Or maybe a native Android application using the XML gateway/web server instead? (From the iPod/iPhone thread, it seems that some people would like to use things like dynamic scrolling and other controls native to the device, which isn't so easy with a RIVA client.) Of course then the issue is how to build the user interface...

To put things in perspective, over the last few months I already started a few Android projects: taSageTV, taUF, taChanger, taCX7000ES...

Android client ? - batwater - 01-31-2010

+2 for me. We have HTC Hero (Android) phones and am also interested in Android based tablets. My vote is for a RIVA client as a good starting point, seems to me this would hit the largest audience. The screens I'm designing for my iPod Touch will move directly to my HTC Hero.


Android client ? - potts.mike - 01-31-2010

If I could get it running on my n770 then yes.

Android client ? - sic0048 - 01-31-2010

+2 for me too. I'll be willing to pay money (just like the iPhone RIVA) for the finished product.

I already have Nokia Tablets that I think we could get an Android RIVA working on. Plus with all the new Android phones and tablets already or soon to be released, there are a lot of devices this could work with.

Android client ? - Dean Roddey - 01-31-2010

A native app would be beaucoup work if it's going to match the IV's capabilities. I imagine that the small number of thousands of lines of code required to get a RIVA client would make a lot of folks happy and be something doable in a reasonable length of time. You can always take on a longer term native option, but it would be a lot of work, and if it doesn't do even as much as the IV it would get even more abuse.

Android client ? - SamVimes2 - 01-31-2010

+1 for an android client. i would pay.

Android client ? - znelbok - 01-31-2010

Yes for me - bring on the Android RIVA client.

I am happy with the way the RIVA client works at the moment, the flick thing etc is just a bonus. I dont have that functionality on the main touchscreen either.

I would stick with the RIVA client as opposed to a whole new native app. I dont want to learn a new graphical interface creating package, it is very easy now to just copy the existing interfaces into a new interface and replicate functionality.

willplaice Wrote:I'm getting archos android tablets and will start off using them like my airpanels with rdp, but maybe a native client would be better ?

Hopefully you will report here what your findings are. Which one are you looking at, the 5. I think I saw reference to a 7 coming out soon that has droid support.