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touchscreen viewsonic airpanels - penngray - 10-30-2006

ebay has about 5 up for auction right now! most are going around $400+ but I just grabbed one for buy now at $225 (15" with dock)

There is a guy going to be posting another buy now at $425 (15" and Docking station) because I asked him too before I saw the $225 one.

just go to ebay and search for airpanel.

touchscreen viewsonic airpanels - IVB - 10-30-2006

Given that they run Windows CE, can you run the regular IntefaceViewer over RDP? Or are you strictly limited to the DotNetViewer?

touchscreen viewsonic airpanels - Dean Roddey - 10-31-2006

AFAIK you can only use them for RDP, since they can't run the DNV.

touchscreen viewsonic airpanels - penngray - 10-31-2006

Dean is correct these are the older version airpanels and are simply RDP machines.

touchscreen viewsonic airpanels - LesAuber - 10-31-2006

Vivek, as long as you don't get fancy the regular interface viewer works fine on RDP. The older airpanels use 802.11b wireless so are fairly slow. Lots of screen redraws are a bad thing.

The other thing you'll have to do is excorsise any other 2.4 GHz devices like phones that can't be set to a different channel assuming you haven't already. My old 2.4 GHz phone cycled through channels so would periodically blow up the network.

Even with that plan on the occasional reboot. Viewsonic stopped development on these when MS pulled the plug on smartdisplay. Maybe a couple times a month mine just loses the network. Sometimes even when it shows a signal, the network ID etc.

touchscreen viewsonic airpanels - IVB - 10-31-2006

Thanks. I need to stick strictly with hardwired panels - my house is plaster&lathe, and kills off many wireless signals. It's fine for a laptop to intermittently lose cxn, but another thing entirely for a WAF-mandated touchpanel.

touchscreen viewsonic airpanels - LesAuber - 10-31-2006

About the only wireless solution for that would repeaters or multiple access points. Rather a pain since you'd have to pull the wires anyway. It is convenient being able to carry the remote around the theater though.