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RIVA Client for Linux - bryanb - 07-13-2009

If anyone is interested in messing around with a RIVA client on Linux here's a way to get started. There is an Open Source Project called Mono. It's website is You can read about Mono there, but basically you compile the RIVA .net client with the Mono Development Environment. I downloaded the Live CD version which is a Linux OS with Mono installed. It's a Live CD, so you can boot and run it from the CD. Networking is installed so you easily copy the .Net RIVA Client 1.3B1 files over to the Linux box. When I first tried to open the solution file, it said the solution was not recognized or something like that. But then if you build the FF Client, it will build with 0 errors and only 6 warnings. What you will then have is a RIVAClientFF.exe file. Run the Linux command prompt or whatever it is called. (I'm not a Linux person.) Go to the directory that the RIVAClientFF.exe file is in and type "Mono RIVAClientFF.exe". No quotes. The RIVA login utility should come up but the fields will be blank. Fill in the IP Address, not computer name, of the RIVA server, the port numbers, the user name & password and screen size. Your default template should appear.

There very well could be other and better ways to use Mono, but this did work for me with no change in Mark's RIVA code.

RIVA Client for Linux - IVB - 07-13-2009

wow, so you have a functional viewer for a linux system?

RIVA Client for Linux - bryanb - 07-13-2009

I did it more as a proof of concept and learning exercise because what I really want is to run a RIVA client on the TouchBook,

The TouchBook is a Linux box. I have one on order but they're not shipping them just yet.

This Mono is some kind of translator that executes the clients .exe file. So it's not an actually port or conversion to a native c/c++ language. But it seems usable until someone could do a linux native port.

RIVA Client for Linux - froop - 07-13-2009

bryanb Wrote:This Mono is some kind of translator that executes the clients .exe file. So it's not an actually port or conversion to a native c/c++ language. But it seems usable until someone could do a linux native port.

Mono is basically an open source, cross platform .NET Framework. In theory, anything written for the .NET Framework should be able to be built on Linux or Mac using Mono.

I'm not sure I see the benefit in a native linux port if a Mono build works well.

At one stage I was looking at the possibility of using a gumstix ( board. Specifically the LCD pack ( as a small touchscreen. These modules run linux, but are pretty low powered, so would need a native client. But as much as I like toys, at US$400, I just couldn't justify a purchase..

RIVA Client for Linux - froop - 07-13-2009

Actually.. what about the Nokia tablets? Would be interesting to know if the Mono+RIVA works on them. Otherwise they may be a candidate target for RIVA. One would think it'd be a cleaner solution compared to an RDP.

RIVA Client for Linux - sic0048 - 07-13-2009

Holly $hit! That could be huge news. I assumed there would still have to be some tweaking done on the existing RIVA program to make it work with MONO. If the existing viewer will work, this is huge news for all those linux products we want to use RIVA on. Obviously you still need to be careful and select devices that support MONO, but this could be a huge step forward in usability.

I guess I need to get off my duff and look into the RIVA stuff. I have an iPaq waiting to have RIVA installed on it. Once that is done and I am comfortable with it, I'll can move on to my Nokia's.

PS - that Touchbook looks SWEET! I am in the market for a netbook, so I might wait for that to be released. 10 hr battery life, touchscreen, removable keyboard, etc all make it the perfect candidate for me.

RIVA Client for Linux - bryanb - 07-14-2009

I talked to Mark Stega today about running the RIVA client with Mono. He asked if I had just tried using the RIVAClientFF.exe file that was created when you installed the client from his install files. I had not. What I did yesterday, was rebuild the FF client from the 1.3B1 download using the Mono development Environment on the Linux box.

So today I went back and installed the 1.3B1 FF client on a windows machine. Then I booted the Live CD on the Linux box, a separate machine. The Live CD version has networking installed. So I moved the RIVAFFclient.exe, RIVA.config and all the .dll files from the Windows\program files\cqcsl folder on the windows machine over to the Linux machine. Using the Linux command prompt, typed mono RIVA.FFClient.exe. The login utility came up just fine but it's blank. Fill it out with the correct information and the startup template will appear.

The point of this was to see if you had to rebuild the source with the Mono Development Environment or could you have Mono execute the .exe from the Windows VS build. The answer was that, yes, you can use the VS built files.

Two things noted. The .dll files had to be moved to the Linux box and, even though the config file was there, the login utility came up blank. Also, you may have to enter the ip address of the RIVA server machine, not the Host Name.


RIVA Client for Linux - sic0048 - 07-14-2009

Any experience with the Nokia Tablets? Obviously it sounds like it will work, but what is the easiest method for non-linux people to copy those files over to the tablet and execute them?

RIVA Client for Linux - bryanb - 07-14-2009

I don't have a clue. I've never done anything with Linux until this little experiment. Luckily the Live CD version that I was using had netorking installed, so it was just drag/drop the files from the windows machine to the Linux machine. Someone who knows the Nokia will need to help get Mono installed and the files over to the Nokia. What we proved today was that you can use the files from Mark's download. You don't need to rebuild on the Nokia. You will need the Mono runtime software, assuming that's the right terminology, not the development environment.


RIVA Client for Linux - sic0048 - 07-14-2009

I got the RIVA set up on a iPaq last night. This gave me a chance to "get one under my belt" before trying the Nokia. I don't think installing the MONO package on the Nokia will be hard. I'm sure it has been packaged in such a way to make the process pretty easy. Once that is done, then we need a way to copy the files over. The nokia does have a memory card slot, so that might be the easiest method to get the files transfered over.

I'll try and play with it tonight on the Nokia. Once there is a procedure that works, I'll be happy to write up another "How To" since so many people appreciated the Nokia RDP write up.