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Error displaying cameras - Trioxide - 06-24-2009

Had to reinstall the OS on one of my computers, not the CQC Server. Reinstalled CQC and now I can't view the html files I have for viewing my cameras. This works fine on the server and my iPhone and I don't believe I have rights issues as I can see the writing but not the camera display. Only change on the computer I am trying to view with is reinstalling the OS and IE 8. My server is running Geovision 8.2 for the cameras. Would appreciate any help.

Getting an error on line 41 that I will highlight.
An error has occurred in the script on this page
Error: Object doesn't support this property or method
Code: 0
Do you want to continue running scripts?


<script language="JavaScript">

// add sites here

function PlayX(){

// ID, Control, Camera, IP, User, Pass, DataPort, CommandPort, AudioPort, BandWidth, Quality

LiveXPlay (1, document.WebCamX1, 6, "","cqc", "xxxxxx", "4550", "5550", "6550", "LAN", 130, "450", "380")

// add above sites here also

function DestroyX(){
LiveXStop (document.WebCamX1)


function LiveXPlay(id, camx, camera, ip, user, pass, cmdport, dataport, audioport, bwidth, quality, w, h){

camx.ChangeCamX(camera); // CAMERA - 0=cam 1, 1=cam 2, etc.
camx.ChangeQualityX(quality); // QUALITY - 0=High, 1=Med, 2=Low
camx.ChangeSizeX(w, h); // SIZE
document.getElementById("X"+id+"Quality").innerHTML = quality

camx.CommandPort = cmdport // COMMAND PORT
camx.DataPort = dataport // DATA PORT
camx.AudioDataPort = audioport // AUDIO PORT
camx.BandWidth = bwidth // BANDWIDTH - normal="LAN", low="MODEM"

camx.DisablePWD = "True" // AUTOLOGIN PART1
camx.UserName = user // USERNAME
camx.Password = pass // PASSWORD
camx.AutoLogin = "True" // AUTOLOGIN PART2
camx.IpAddress = ip // SITE IP/DDNS

camx.PlayX(); // CONNECT

Error displaying cameras - Trioxide - 06-24-2009

Well I finally figured this one out. Needed some ActiveX driver also for it to work. NOw I have it.