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Official RIVA thread - Dean Roddey - 12-06-2010

Hmmm... no, it's using the position passed in the press/release. I'll just comment out the storing of the move position, to simulate the the same thing and see if I fail to get the hilight...

Official RIVA thread - Dean Roddey - 12-06-2010

OK, yeh, I do get that same sort of thing if I prevent it from seeing mouse move events. That's wierd since I'd think that people would be complaining about the regular IV not working right on touch screens as well. I don't have a touch screen here, can anyone test for sure that the regular IV does get the initial highlight in that situation?

Actually, I think that Windows does send a move message at the click position before sending the click event. So there may be something down in the guts there somewhere that depends on this. I'm just going to emulate the same behaviour in the server. I verified that this does make it happy even if it doesn't see any other move events before the press.

Official RIVA thread - sic0048 - 12-07-2010

It's possible that we've seen it on touchscreens and have simply chalked it up to a misread press. I don't think I've needed to double press the first button on a new screen, but I also show the mouse cursor for other reasons (CQC isn't the only program I use on my main touch screen display). Perhaps that has prevented me from seeing the effects talked about here.

Official RIVA thread - wuench - 12-07-2010

I use a touchscreen (airpanel) almost exclusively with the IV and have never noticed it. But this is through RDP...

Official RIVA thread - Dean Roddey - 12-07-2010

I'm pretty sure that Windows sends a mouse move at the position where the click is going to be (perhaps if that wasn't the last move position it sent), which is why the regular IV doesn't have this issue I don't think. So just emulating that makes the RIVA server happy. So this should be fixed for the next round.

Official RIVA thread - SamVimes2 - 12-07-2010

Awesome!! Thanks very much for focusing on this.

Official RIVA thread - batwater - 12-08-2010

Thanks Dean!

Official RIVA thread - SamVimes2 - 12-08-2010

To clarify, will this require any changes in RIVA clients, or it's all on the server end?

Official RIVA thread - Dean Roddey - 12-08-2010

It's just a server change, to fake a mouse move event whenever it receives a press or release.

Official RIVA thread - Dean Roddey - 12-09-2010

OK, 3.4.5 is now up as a new formal release candidate. See the Official 3.5 Beta Discussion thread (not the official beta thread, since this isn't a beta really, just some fixes that will become the next official release if no one has any complaints about it. Anyway, the list of changes and the link to download this new version I just posted there, and it includes the RIVA server tweak.