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Sage Media Server driver (beta) - Fonceur - 02-07-2013

whozeawhat Wrote:BTW, I couldn't follow the thread discussion, but if an update needs to incorporated into the Sage server/player drivers, i'm happy to fill in. Dean certainly has enough on his plate.
Just read the last few posts... The com ports of the player's driver are not editable, so if you could post a version where you updated the manifest to make them editable, that would probably help some...

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - whozeawhat - 02-08-2013

As requested, player should now allow for change in port.

Updated to version 2.9 for Sage Player driver.

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - Dean Roddey - 04-08-2013

Is there any special gotchas with the Power command? I noticed that the Sage players don't seem to be responding to the power command and powering up, though they are responding correctly otherwise.

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - SomeWhatLost - 04-08-2013

fwiw, my hd300 works just fine as far as responding to the power command...

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - sic0048 - 04-08-2013

I have a HD-100 and I don't think the power command works.

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - Fonceur - 04-09-2013

The Power button works properly on the HD200 and HD300. It used to work on the HD100, but either a firmware update broke it or I messed up something in SageTCPServer... Wink

The (slightly outdated) source code is located at:

The contains a clientCommand method which calls the various possibilities. Starting/stopping an extender is essentially about killing a process, so you can obtain the same result by doing a telnet and executing one of the following command (depending on the model/status):

killall miniclient
killall sagewait
killall waitpower

If you look on the SageTV forum, there is program called sageextctrl which does work on the HD100, so it can definitely be done... Wink

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - Dean Roddey - 04-09-2013

He says he has a 200 and a 300, so presumably it should work, but he says it's not working. I'll try to get some more info. Is there any firmware requirement on the Sage boxes or anything?

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - Fonceur - 04-10-2013

No idea why it wouldn't work on the hd200/hd300, I don't remember anyone reporting issues with the power button besides on the hd100...

Make sure the extenders aren't on a different router than the SageTV server, as their IP would probably not be detected to telnet into them...

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - SomeWhatLost - 04-10-2013

fwiw, and from fogy memory... it takes a couple of minutes for CQC to report that the power state has changed... and I think it only updates the window mode, ie it claims it switched from full screen to windowed or something like that... been awhile sine I looked...

so is the claim of not working based on staring at the CQC screen or actually watching the HD300?

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - Dean Roddey - 04-10-2013

In this case it's powering up that he's saying isn't working, and it's in the context of a power up of a media room, so he's apparently not seeing the video show up. I'll get him to do some verification.