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Sage Media Server driver (beta) - royalj7 - 01-21-2013

I'm setting up Sage again after building a new WHS box. I'm in the plug-in config and I think I'm understanding correctly to put the MAC address of the extender (HD200) into the "Extender name" field? When I attempt to do that I get an error saying "There was an error setting the plugin configuration value of: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size 0"

Anyone have a clue? Am I entering the MAC address in the wrong location?


sic0048 Wrote:Glad you got it workings. I didn't recheck this thread until just now.

Obviously you guys figured out that you do in fact need to use the MAC addresses of the extenders when configuring the SageTVTCP driver plug in on the sage system. I know it says "Name", but there are no names associated with extenders, only MAC addresses. Perhaps Fonceur could change that to read "Mac Address" as I think it would make set up a little clearer.

I do find it strange that you couldn't change the port configuration in the CQC Sage drivers. I just tried to add another Sage Player driver myself and found the same thing. I don't think this was always the case as I have two working Sage Player drivers set up myself.

I do think the driver needs to be updated to allow that field to be editable. Otherwise anyone with more than one extender will not be able to add a second (or third, etc) driver.

As far as not including SageTV drivers in the shipped version, I guess that is a decision for Dean to make. If there is to be Sage drivers included, they should be these beta drivers IMHO rather than the old version that is currently shipped. Personally I think Sage drivers should be included still. Obviously Sage is not in business anymore, but there are still a ton of Sage systems out there and obviously new people using CQC that have Sage systems themselves. In fact, I think it is likely that people who where technically able to set up a SageTV system are exactly the type of people that might be interested in a CQC system. I also agree that there is no alternative that even comes close to the functionality of a SageTV system. So until there is a clear good alternative, I think the SageTV drivers should still be included.

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - royalj7 - 01-22-2013

Anyone configure SageTV 7.x recently? I have the server driver in CQC talking correctly, but the player driver isn't working, I believe due to the fact I don't have the MAC address anywhere in the plug-in configuration. It keeps giving me that error message.


Sage Media Server driver (beta) - Dean Roddey - 01-22-2013

As I understand it, you are matching ports to MAC addresses in the plugin configuration. Then you set the port for each player driver to the appropriate port that you set up for that MAC address in the plugin (though you point the player driver at the Sage server machine, not the players.)

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - royalj7 - 01-22-2013

Yea, I have the port that I need. I only have one extender, so thats simple. But the plugin will not accept that MAC address I type gives an error.

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - Dean Roddey - 01-22-2013

Not sure about that one...

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - Fonceur - 01-23-2013

The SageTCPServer plugin should configure itself... There is no MAC address to enter anywhere... All you need is the IP of the SageTV server, and the port of the server (9250) and each extenders (926x). You might need some reboots/reconnection to make sure that all the clients are properly discovered.

In case of conflicts or to do fancier stuff, then it's possible to start editing the configuration.

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - royalj7 - 01-28-2013


So, in the plugin configuration, there are fields for the Server port, Extender name, Extender port, Client name, and client port. I have the following in each: 9750, MAC address, 9261,, 9260. CQC has the latest SageServer and Player installed and the ports in there are 9750 and 9100. There is no option to change them in CQC, the port number is greyed out. The frustrating thing is the plugin is not letting me change any of the port numbers! I go in and type a different port, hit enter and the input box goes away, and the field just stays at the same value. I've uninstalled the plugin, rest it's configuration, and still the values are what I have up above and I can't change them. Any help is appreciated.


Sage Media Server driver (beta) - Dean Roddey - 01-28-2013

The issue with the port is that there was, a long time ago, an error in which the editability of comm config settings wasn't being enforced. The manifest file for the Sage player has it set non-editable, and now that's being enforced and no one noticed it just just a bit back.

Go to [cqc]\CQCData\DataServer\Manifests\

Open the Sage TV manifest file with notepad. In the comm config section you see an editable flag set to False. Set it to True and safe it. Then cycle the MS. Then you should be able to edit the port.

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - Fonceur - 01-30-2013

Dean you should probably just repackage a version of the client with that editable field fix and post it in the thread...

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - whozeawhat - 02-07-2013

For anyone else out there that is using SageTV, after I upgraded CQC to latest (4.2.909), several macro exception errors pulled the Sage Media server driver offline. (Oddly, the player driver(s) were not affected.) Likely, this issue is caused by enhanced code enforcement policies within CQC.

Updates didn't [intentionally] change any function from my previous version, post #598.

Attached is the Sage Media Server Driver, and 'XML' macro pack dependency.

BTW, I couldn't follow the thread discussion, but if an update needs to incorporated into the Sage server/player drivers, i'm happy to fill in. Dean certainly has enough on his plate.