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Sage Media Server driver (beta) - Fonceur - 08-27-2009

I'll take a look for the rewind and forward, they might not be wired properly... For the MediaPosition, have you waited a bit for it to resynchronize?

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - royalj7 - 08-28-2009

I've given it around 30 seconds after skipping forward to catch up, I can try longer but it's a bit of a pain if needs that long to sync. For the fast forward, the Playfaster field seems to work correctly...the FastForward instentanously skips like the rewind.


Sage Media Server driver (beta) - SamVimes2 - 08-28-2009

SamVimes2 Wrote:It's not quite perfect however - I only have about 1/4 of my recorded shows. Is there by chance a hard-coded limit to those too?


I believe I have identified a bug. My show list is long enough that the XML is split into two chunks. The CQC driver is only showing the stuff that comes in the 2nd (last?) chunk.

Log snippet:
Fri 8/28 21:50:26.365 [Thread-4@1332857] [[SageTCPServer-SageServer(local:9250)]]: Sending data: RSL:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><Collection><List Name="IsTVFile"><Program><Modifier>Add</Modifier><ID>2110943</ID><Title>Naked Science</Title><Episode>Asteroid Alert</Episode><Category>Documentary</Category><StartTime>12514428</StartTime><EndTime>12514464</EndTime><IsWatched>false</IsWatched><Description>Scientists work to find ways to safeguard Earth from potential threats posed by asteroids and other cosmic debris.</Description><FileName>\\Odin\SageTV\NakedScience-AsteroidAlert-1878536-0.ts</FileName><EPGID>EP6830740072</EPGID><FirstRun>false</FirstRun><OriginalAirDate>12119328</OriginalAirDate><Channel>765</Channel><StationName>National Geographic HD</StationName><IsHD>true</IsHD></Program><Program><Modifier>Add</Modifier><ID>2110942</ID><Title>Futurama</Title><Episode>The Devil&apos;s Hands Are Idle Playthings</Episode><Category>Animated</Category><StartTime>12514356</StartTime><EndTime>12514374</En


Fri 8/28 21:50:26.371 [Thread-4@1332857] [[SageTCPServer-SageServer(local:9250)]]: Sending data: RSL:Partial
Fri 8/28 21:50:31.625 [Thread-4@1332857] [[SageTCPServer-SageServer(local:9250)]]: Sending data: RSL:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><Collection><List Name="IsTVFile"><Program><Modifier>Add</Modifier><ID>636661</ID><Title>Naked Science</Title><Episode>Death of the Universe</Episode><Category>Documentary</Category><StartTime>12448980</StartTime><EndTime>12449016</EndTime><IsWatched>false</IsWatched><Description>Solar storms produce explosions in the solar system, ejecting billions of tons of highly charged matter into space and wreaking havoc on satellites and power grids.</Description><FileName>\\Odin\SageTV\NakedScience-DeathoftheUniverse-434053-0.ts</FileName><EPGID>EP6830740084</EPGID><FirstRun>false</FirstRun><OriginalAirDate>12242016</OriginalAirDate><Channel>765</Channel><StationName>National Geographic HD</StationName><IsHD>true</IsHD></Program><Program><Modifier>Add</Modifier><ID>616123</ID><Title>Naked Science</Title><Episode>Twister Outbreak</Episode><Category>Documentary</Category><StartTime>

less giant xml string, containing the shows that end up in the driver

Fri 8/28 21:50:31.626 [Thread-4@1332857] [[SageTCPServer-SageServer(local:9250)]]: Sending data: RSL:Done

I have also noticed high CPU usage associated with this driver (CQCServer.exe jumps to 50% until i unload and reload the driver)

But nonetheless, I am happy to have it back! I hope we can iron out these issues. Thanks for all your work.

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - royalj7 - 09-02-2009


Any luck reproducing the problems I am having with Rewind and MediaPosition?


Sage Media Server driver (beta) - Fonceur - 09-02-2009

royalj7 Wrote:Any luck reproducing the problems I am having with Rewind and MediaPosition?
I am swamped with other non-CQC projects, so didn't get to spend much time investigating, but nothing jumped to my eyes when I did, sorry.

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - SamVimes2 - 09-02-2009

What about my shows XML problem...?

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - personalt - 09-05-2009

Two Questions:

Mute Field
Anyone use the Mute field? I notice my existing commands for Mute dont seem to work. I was checking it out in the field browser and my commands are still toggling the field however the extender doesn't seem to care if Mute is set to true.. there is no change in volume as this field toggles

Anyone see the same thing?

Rewind(play backwards not skip backwards
Is there a transport command for rewind? The sage remote has a FF which is Transport.PlayFaster however there is no Transport.PlayBackwards. Transport.Rewind is Skip Back on the remote. Is there a button for this?

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - personalt - 09-05-2009

Fonceur Wrote:After poking around, indeed there was no provision for multiple lineups, so I'll need to fix that. But the main issue seemed to have been an hard coded limit of 150 channels, which I boosted to 1500, so have a try at 0.9.5... Most likely, only the last lineup will be visible.

This is exactly what the issue is... You only get one lineup not two. I get only the over the air hd home run locals. I really love what you have done with the guide so I can select a channel and see what is upcoming. So would love to see both lineups. Hopefully you can squeeze it in your next update..

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - personalt - 09-17-2009

Anyone having issues with this driver pegging the CPU at 100%? Not often but every few days when using this driver to watch TV CQC ends up going to 100% CPU usage.

I am using PRTG to monitor my CPU usage and email so I get alerted when it jumps up but I cant seem to tie it to a single command. There do not seem to be any errors in the log.

Sage Media Server driver (beta) - SamVimes2 - 09-17-2009

I see this also (but it seems to peg only one of two cores, so it shows as 50%).

Normally I have to remove and re-add the driver to fix it.