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MyMovies2 or DVDProfiler - flik - 03-19-2009

Is there a repository driver that works with either of these programs? If so where do you get it?


MyMovies2 or DVDProfiler - potts.mike - 03-19-2009

There are drivers for both and as far as I know they are both included in the 2.4 beta's. I use the whs version of mymovies to auto rip my dvd's.

MyMovies2 or DVDProfiler - Dean Roddey - 03-19-2009

There's a DVD Profiler driver in the current formal release. There's a MyMovies in the latest betas. But it's not necessarily optimal for someone new to the product to go grab those too early. There's been lots of changes since this is a big new release and many to most of those changes are informally documented so far in the beta discussion threads, which is fine for old timers who are tracking this stuff closely, but a bit to bite off if you are already new to the whole thing.

MyMovies2 or DVDProfiler - flik - 03-20-2009

Thanks guys!

I will mess around with DVD Profiler driver first. I am trying to decide what to use for a repository for my digital movies.

I also just purchased a Sage HD200 to mess around with, as I continue to search for the best solution to deliver my ripped DVDs throughout my home.


MyMovies2 or DVDProfiler - sic0048 - 03-20-2009

Here is the information page for the dvdprofiler repository and the MyMovies Repo. It should help you set up the repository and get it working with DVDprofiler. Of course if you have problems with the actual creation of widgets, you should check under beta interface design guide for some help with them. If you are on the older formal release version, then you can check out the regular interface design guide.

MyMovies2 or DVDProfiler - klindy - 03-20-2009

flik Wrote:I am trying to decide what to use for a repository for my digital movies.

I'd suggest you look closely at the CQC repository for movies. I don't use it for music (yet) but it's fine for movies as long as you don't mind taking some time to enter the missing metadata.

MyMovies2 or DVDProfiler - Dean Roddey - 03-20-2009

The interface design guide document is still pretty far behind all the recent changes for variable based stuff.

MyMovies2 or DVDProfiler - damian.flynn - 03-20-2009

As far as a decision on which repository to use, dvdprofiler or MyMovies. I think there is one habd forcer. MyMovies is only installable if you have Either windows media center OR Windows home Server in your network.


MyMovies2 or DVDProfiler - flik - 03-21-2009

Is the 2.5 BETA only available to current license holders?


MyMovies2 or DVDProfiler - IVB - 03-21-2009

nope, check out the beta forum, the link is in there.