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Insteon 2412S problem - Trioxide - 03-16-2009

Been using the Insteon 2412S with no problem now for a long time. Then all of a sudden it stopped working, CQC says waiting to connect. Have talked to Smarthome to troubleshoot it. Lights still come on for the unit. Reset and still nothing. So I bought another, still nothing. Deleted the driver and reinstalled and then fine. So I hooked the old one back up and it worked fine for a minute and then CQC can not connect to it again. What is up with that. If the unit was broken I don't understand why it would work for a minute. Now the revisions are different betweent the 2 but that should not make a difference. Anybody had problems with these devices? Any troubleshooting tips? Any other software I can use to verify it is NOT CQC?