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Samsung HLxxA750 DLP Beta Driver - jrunde - 09-19-2008

This thread is for the development of the one way driver for the Samsung HLxxA750 DLP series of televisions. According to the Samsung website, it should work with any 2008 HL series DLP and possibly LCD/Plasma as well.

Current Capabilities:
Adjust Volume Up/Down
Direct Volume 1-100
Change Channel Up/Down
Change Input
Toggle Mute
Power On/Off
Direct channel change
Picture Mode
PIP for older DLPs

If you have a 3.5mm stereo plug for the RS232 port, here are the pin outs for the cable:

The TV end is a 3.5mm stereo plug. The PC end is a female DB-9.

The main sleeve of the 3.5mm plug connects to the DB-9 pin 5.
The small sleeve connects to pin 3.
The tip connects to pin 2.

Samsung HLxxA750 DLP Beta Driver - lpott6 - 09-20-2008

I am hoping this will work for my older TV, it is the HL-R5067W.

Question, am I right is assuming that I should use the G-Link connector on the back of the TV? I can't seem to find the G-Link manual that came with the set and am coming up blank with Google searches.

Looking forward to giving it a try.

Samsung HLxxA750 DLP Beta Driver - jrunde - 09-21-2008

It looks like G-Link is used to control another device via IR. This is from the manual on page 100:
Please connect the supplied G-LINK cable to the
G-LINK jack of the TV. After you connect the G-LINK cable you
will be able to control your cable box using the TV’s remote

Samsung HLxxA750 DLP Beta Driver - jrunde - 09-22-2008

I have updated the Samsung DLP driver to include all the available inputs, picture mode, and direct channel change.

Also, here is a link to the available commands. If you would like any added, please let me know.

Samsung HLxxA750 DLP Beta Driver - kblagron - 10-05-2008

I have a 2007 model, the HLT6189, and it has an RS-232 port. Do you know what the serial pin-outs need to be?

I tried both a 2-2, 3-3, 5-5 cable and a 2-3 3-2 5-5 cable, and your driver connects to the TV without error but get no data either way. The RS-232 manual I received (which may have been for an older model) said the port was running at 19,200, and I noticed your driver assumes 9600 bps. Is that something that could be made configurable?

I plan on working with it in hyperterm and see if I can get it working that way, will keep you posted.

Samsung HLxxA750 DLP Beta Driver - kblagron - 10-06-2008

I tried sending characters via hyperterm, and I am getting character replies back, which tells me I am communicating, but I am not sure whether I have the right baud rate or wiring set up correctly (currently using a 3 wire crossover cable).

In hyperterm if I type in 0, I get a "ÿ" and if I hit a carriage return and get "ÿAÿ".

I tried both 9600 and 19200. How would I go about testing this using hyperterm? Or is there another tool that would be useful?

Samsung HLxxA750 DLP Beta Driver - jrunde - 10-06-2008

i changed the driver in the original post to 19,200 baud. i'm not sure how to make it so you can select the baud rate. give it a try and see if it will work for you.

Samsung HLxxA750 DLP Beta Driver - Dean Roddey - 10-06-2008

You indicate in the manifest that the comm configuration is editable, then they have an Edit button when installing the driver where they can adjust the settings as desired.

Samsung HLxxA750 DLP Beta Driver - kblagron - 10-06-2008

I tried the new driver you posted at 19,200 baud, and it communicates with the Samsung DLP HLT series (2007 model). I will continue to test it out and see how it works, but the input select, volume up/down, and power on/off works fine.

One thing I noticed is that the fields within the driver do not show up with the current values (i.e. no status info on volume, power on/off, etc). Is this as you planned? or should the current values show up in the "write" fields of the driver?

By the way, it is a crossover cable that is needed 2-3, 3-2, and 5-5 to get it to work in the 9 pin serial port for this TV.

Samsung HLxxA750 DLP Beta Driver - jrunde - 10-07-2008

It's a one way driver. There isn't any 2 way communication according to the protocol document that I found so I do not store the values. I could store the value from the last change, but it may not be correct if someone uses the remote as well.