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HP's touch screen computer - Brightan - 08-25-2008

Is anybody using these for CQC?
22" touch screen computer with all the features for $1300
I'd be curious to know what the power draw would be with the computer running and the screen off and/or how fast it would come out of standby

HP's touch screen computer - RHT - 08-27-2008

I was playing with one of these at staples...damn thats a big touch screen!

The touch action was quite good but it is pretty deep and has controls and slots on the side and put out a bit of heat from behind, so I think it would only be good for a freestanding corner kitchen counter install.


HP's touch screen computer - Brightan - 08-27-2008

I was wondering if that would be the case. Do you think you could mount it on the wall like a TV, or would it stick out too much? I'll have to wander by Staples or Future Shop and see if they have one to look at.

HP's touch screen computer - sic0048 - 08-27-2008

Yeah, I would have loved to use this touchscreen in my parents new setup. But the screen was just too big to fit on the kitchen counter where I needed it. So I am going with a regular touchscreen with extenders back to a hidden computer.