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Dell Axim x51v - Providince - 04-21-2008

I have about 10 brand new Dell Axim x51v's that I am looking to move. I think these could work for automation but not sure if anyone has used them. If anyone is interested in a couple of these let me know before I put them on Ebay.

Dell Axim x51v - klindy - 04-21-2008

Is it possible to run the IV natively or do you need to RDP into it?

I'm not excited about the Nokia's and don't really want to pop for a UMPC just yet so I'm wondering if this is nice alternative.

Also PM me with the details (price, etc.)

Dell Axim x51v - jrunde - 04-21-2008

I believe you would have to use DNV as these are just Pocket PC devices with the Windows Mobile OS on them.

Dell Axim x51v - Providince - 04-21-2008

Sorry should have been more specific. I have not used these. They are new items. I am looking for $200 plus shipping. They come with the docking cradle chargers, leather case and all of the original software.
The boxes have been opened and turned on for functionality. They were going to be used for another purpose but we went another way.
I have never used these for CQC but assume there are others who have. I do know ELK has written some BETA software to run ELK RM off them.

Dell Axim x51v - Sendero - 04-21-2008

I have one and did use it to run the DNV natively on it. But I found I liked the N770s better than these due to the form factor and screen orientation.

Dell Axim x51v - Providince - 04-22-2008

Thank you for your information. I appreciate it. However I do not appreciate you trying to sell your items on my for sale thread. I would appreciate in the future if you could respect your fellow CQC'ers and start your own thread instead of threadjacking mine.
Thank you in advance.

Dell Axim x51v - Sendero - 04-22-2008

fixed it for ya. you're welcome Smile