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Q1 Woot - dkemme - 04-12-2008

Q1 Woot - Target - 04-13-2008

Beat me to it. I really really want to grab one of these, but I have less than no money. Literally.


Q1 Woot - sic0048 - 04-13-2008

Just be aware that they do not make a docking station for this generation of Q1. You must get the new generation with the QWERTY keyboard if you hope to use a docking station.

I really want to get a UMPC, but I want one I can use with a docking station Sad

It is a decent price however.

Q1 Woot - sic0048 - 04-13-2008

Newegg has the newer model on sale for $799.99 (new not refurbished). Personally I would spend the extra $100 and get the new unit that does have a optional docking station available.

Q1 Woot - eded9698 - 04-13-2008 has this one for 659.00. Free shipping.


Q1 Woot - sic0048 - 04-14-2008

Very nice find. If only the docking station came with these units! I hate the idea of having to shell out another $190 for a docking station. also has the NP-Q1UA000 which is basically the same model as the above link, but with Windows XP and a slightly larger HD (60gb vs 40gb). But it is $ 789 with free shipping. If you are using it primarily for a CQC IV, I don't think it is worth the extra cost IMHO.

I am really tempted to get the $660 version.

Q1 Woot - Target - 04-14-2008

What about one of these as an alternative to a UMPC? Its wifi capable meaning that I think it could tap in to the key mapping capabilities of CQC. Thus, although you wouldn't get the beautiful GUI, it could look really nice at 1/4 the price.


Q1 Woot - sic0048 - 04-14-2008

Cool remote. However, looking through the manual, it looks like a simple IR remote with the extra network capacity which allows it to download TV guides, etc.

But I think when you press a button, it is going to send out a regular IR signal that would need to be captured and acted on by CQC. I don't think you could keymap the keys to CQC because the signal is going out over IR and not the network.

Q1 Woot - Target - 04-14-2008

But if it has wifi built in, persumably it sits on the network, and could transfer data over it. I want to email the company, but I'm not sure what I need to ask for.


Q1 Woot - sic0048 - 04-14-2008

I guess ask them if the regular hard buttons will send out any information over the network. I suspect that right now they do not communicate at all over the network when pressed. Only the upper buttons do.

Tell them that you basically want to keymap all the buttons on the remote to do different things on your computer.