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Zwave Switches - eded9698 - 09-11-2007

Do all the switches on a 3 or 4 way circuit need to be a zwave switches? Would 1 zwave switch be enough?

Zwave Switches - Mike Boulanger - 09-11-2007

All need to be Z-Wave.

Zwave Switches - Squintz - 09-12-2007

There are two ways to do Three way circuits with z-wave,

The first and official way is to use a 3-way z-wave switch with a companion z-wave switch from the same brand name. I have tried using intermatic companion switches with ViziaRF 3-way switches and it does not work. You need the same brand.

The other method is using a Z-Wave Transmitter switch and any other load controlling switch. This method is slightly more expensive but you get the most for your money especially if you use something like a 4-button scene controller. I have used single button and 4-button transmitters/scene controllers and I personally think the single button controllers are the easiest to setupup and have the most support right now. You will need to setup "association" between the two switches. You can have multiple transmitter switches controlling the same load switch and you can also set it up so it controls multiple load switches. In this method the brands do not need to be the same they just need to be z-wave compliant and support the "association" feature which most if not all switches do now days.