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CQC 1.6.21 Posted (and CQC Hits a Hundred) - Dean Roddey - 07-15-2006

Charmed Quark Systems, Ltd is proud to announce the 1.6.21 release of CQC (the Charmed Quark Controller), its software-based control and automation system.

Charmed Quark System's automation products provide robust, flexible, and cost effective control of lighting, HVAC, security, home theater, media data, and other systems. It is available in various configurations, which will scale to meet your needs, whether large or small, open or secure, the home theater or the whole home. Build your own hardware, or use our pre-built systems. Do it yourself or pair up with one of our integration partners, whatever fits your needs and budget.

Because this release includes an important bug fix, it is highly recommended that all CQC users upgrade to this version.

CQC Reaches 100

Not 100 years old of course, though we may occasionally look it. Rather, as of this release, CQC includes exactly 100 device drivers, a level of device support that has grown tremendously over the last year, and which continues to pick up speed. From amplifiers to automation panels, projectors to processors, changers to contact closures, and sprinklers to set top boxes, all our device drivers are available 'out of the box', for no extra charge, a substantial cost benefit relative to some competing products.

What's New

Version 1.6.21 is a 'patch' release that provides one important bug fix plus some nice new device drivers. It's unlikely that most users would experience the problem fixed in this patch, but upgrading will insure that they do not. The primary new arrivals in this release are:
  • New Drivers. This release includes new drivers for the Yamaha RX-V1500 A/V receiver, an uber-driver for the whole line of Integra A/V receivers, the Denon 2807 A/V receiver, and the SMS messaging driver which allows you to send/receive SMS messages in CQC.
  • Improved Drivers.. The Runco VX-1000 and timer channel drivers we both substantially upgraded for this release.
  • Bug Fixes. This is only one substantial bug fix in this release, which deals with a possible configuration repository corruption under some circumstances. A smaller bug was fixed with respect to the installer correctly removing the CQC background service if a newly selected set of applications to be installed don't require it anymore.

Give it a Whirl

The product is available in a 30 day unencumbered form, so you can use it to its fullest extent during that time, in order to see if it works for you. If you decide to buy, you can just license your existing installation, so that you won't have any interruption of your work done during the trial period. To download the installer, click the Try/Buy tab of the main web site menu, or the Try It button in the upper right hand corner.

Then go to the Learn tab of the web site, and select the Quick Tutorial link, which will talk you through the whole process. You might want to go through the Using CQC section first (also under the Learn tab), but if you are a hands on person you can just dive right in and come back to the Using CQC section later.

Our license is a site license, and all our device drivers are part of the package. So there's just one base package and a few optional packages to choose from. You can then run the client services on any other devices in your home network that you choose.

* There are two versions of the CQC product, a DIY version and a professionally installed version. The DIY version is available for purchase on the web site, and at a very reasonable price, in an 'as is' format, with best effort support provided purely through the CQC support forum. The professionally installed version is only available via Charmed Quark's Integration Partners.

CQC 1.6.21 Posted (and CQC Hits a Hundred) - Dean Roddey - 07-26-2006

Just a reminder... All current CQC users should upgrade to 1.6.21 as soon as it is practical, since it provides an important bug fix.

CQC 1.6.21 Posted (and CQC Hits a Hundred) - Dean Roddey - 08-02-2006

Once again, a reminder for all users to upgrade to 1.6.21. People are continuing to get hit by the repository corruption problem because they are still on version 1.6.20. Take the time to do this ASAP, or you may end up having to reconfigure all of your drivers.