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CQC Version 1.3.6 Posted - Dean Roddey - 01-15-2005

After the 1.3.5 release was out, it was discovered that a few people's systems, for reasons not totally understood, would return incorrect host names when doing reverse name resolution (converting from a numeric address to a host name.) This would prevent all the CQC apps from finding each other, because CQC was depending on reverse name resolution in a key place.

This dependence has been removed in 1.3.6 and that problem should not show up anymore. Since we had to do a new release, we also took the opportunity to fix a few small things that had been missed in the 1.3.5 release. And the device drivers that came out after 1.3.5, and were therefore separately downloadable, were moved officially into the new release.

If you are running 1.3.5, there is no immediate pressing need to upgrade to 1.3.6. But, it would be nice if you could do so at some point when it is convenient for you, since it does have some more fixes and will insure that if you should change your network configuration that, should you change your network configuration in some way, that this name resolution problem will not pop up for you.