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Help with RIVACmd - alexismtz13 - 05-14-2022

I am looking at using RIVACmd to just open a web player for spotify and possibly other music streaming services on either an overlay or a separate tab, but an overlay would be best. Do I need to declare a specific command in the WebRIVACmd.js file to do this? I saw in the documentation that CQC by default can handle some commands but then it only says it can handle one, "LoadURLTab". I tried that but, that doesn't work. I saw references to the OpenOverlayURL command in other posts but I couldn't make that work. If I do need to declare commands in the WebRIVACmd.js file, what is the syntax that I'm supposed to follow?


RE: Help with RIVACmd - alexismtz13 - 05-20-2022

I just found out about the web widget. That theoretically should do what I want, but is there anyway for it to emulate any other browser besides Internet Explorer? Spotify isn't supported by IE.

RE: Help with RIVACmd - kblagron - 05-23-2022

I don't think there is, but maybe someone else knows better than me. I use the Sonos driver with a Sonos ZP90, which allows me to access various music services through that driver and a whole house music system. I usually pull up canned playlists, etc. from Amazon or Pandora through the Sonos Driver. (I have a Spotify account but haven't used it in years, but am positive you could do that the same way).

If I want something more than about 10 or 20 genre's / playlists that I have pre-programmed in Sonos, I just dive into the app on my phone and get it started up there.