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Marantz receiver driver (IP) - dlmorgan999 - 05-13-2020

I just got a new Marantz receiver and am trying to get it working via IP.  It's not one of the models listed, but in looking at the protocol, it seems that at least the basics should work.

The issue I'm running into is one that was reported in the past.  I'm stuck at "Wait for connect".  I put in in verbose mode, and the error I'm seeing is this:

05/13 18:06:30-CQC-MASTER, CQCServer, CQCDrv_marantzThread17444
    CQCGenDrvS, MEng.System.CQC.Drivers.Marantz.AV8801.DriverImpl.1162, Status/App Status
    Exception in connect. Err=Timed out waiting for a message

I believe this is the same issue that was occurring in the past.  Any ideas / suggestions, or am I out of luck?

RE: Marantz receiver driver (IP) - Dean Roddey - 05-14-2020

Generally the basics won't be good enough. The driver is trying to gather info from the device and if it can't it will not come online. Though, the message is that it timed out, so that could be that the IP address is wrong or it's IP interface needs to be enabled in the configuration or something like that.

RE: Marantz receiver driver (IP) - dlmorgan999 - 05-15-2020

I did some testing and I can communicate to the receiver using Putty on port 23, and all the commands work as expected. Any other thoughts?

RE: Marantz receiver driver (IP) - dlmorgan999 - 05-15-2020

I believe I figured out the issue. I looked at the CML code for Connect method in the driver and tested the commands manually. All of them worked - until I got to zone 3. It turns out this receiver doesn't HAVE a zone 3 - only a zone 2. Now I just need to figure out the easiest/best way to fix this.

I *could* just copy the driver and comment out the Z3 call on line 1147, but that's not the cleanest solution. What do you suggest? I'm not super strong on CML, so I'm hoping to find something that doesn't require too much programming muscle.

RE: Marantz receiver driver (IP) - Dean Roddey - 05-15-2020

You don't have to actually create a whole new one. If you look at the new 'universal' driver:

It only requires a small extra class that provides some info to an underlying base class about how many zones and all that. So that would be the best way to do it. You create a new manifest that loads your new derived class to make it unique to that paritcular setup.

The SR5011 and SR5011 ones should be based on this scheme if you want to look at those.

RE: Marantz receiver driver (IP) - dlmorgan999 - 05-15-2020

Oh - that sounds great!  Thanks for the pointer Dean.  Smile

RE: Marantz receiver driver (IP) - dlmorgan999 - 05-15-2020

I just took a look at the SR5011 driver code Dean.  The universal driver is a very elegant solution.  Smile

In looking further, I found that the SR5011 driver works for my receiver.  As such, I can use that for now, but I think I'll go ahead and do a driver for the SR6014 anyway, just to get some more CML experience.