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Update on ZWave & RadioRA2 Multi-Gang and CQC - gReatAutomation - 01-31-2020

I wanted to update folks, if they were not already aware, on RadioRA2 multi-gang situations and CQC. I have a few locations in the house with 2, 3, and 4 way lighting and was using ZWave. 

One of the issues in these situations while using ZWave with CQC to control the lights is that ZWave only sends the state of the master switch. That is, if you turn the light on or off from the master switch, the ZWave protocol notes the light is on and sends out the message, hence CQC knows the light is on. If you, however, turn the light on or off from one of the slave/remote switches, the ZWave protocol does not send out any type of a notification, even though the master switch knows the light was turned on from one of the slave/remote switches. The consequence of this is that CQC will not know the state of the light. 

My patio has 4 fans with LED lights (Minka-Aire F593L-PW) and I can access the patio from 4 locations. Because I knew I was doing the home automation thing when I did the reno, I only had the electrician wire up the 4 way switches, 1 at each patio entrance location. I did not want a 4 gang wall plate with fan controls  Sad

I have a BOND fan controller that I use to turn fans off/on and fan lights off/on. Issue is that the BOND has no idea of the state of the power going to the fans. So, when I had ZWave controlling the patio switches, I always left the fan lights on from the BOND perspective. This way, any time I turned on the power to the fans/lights from 1 of the 4 locations, the lights always came on.

Because of the ZWave slave/remote issue and not sending out a signal when a light is turned on or off from a slave/remote, I was not able to keep everything in sync (ie, I could turn on the patio fans/lights from a ZWave remote/slave switch and CQC would not know about it).

I've been replacing my ZWave stuff with RadioRA2 and did my first 4-way retrofit using the RRD-8ANS-WH Switch and RD-RS-WH Switch Remotes. My first retrofit was to the patio switches.

I'm happy to report that the state of RadioRA2 switches/dimmers in multi gang situations is captured and reported by the RadioRA2 Main Repeater, and hence, the CQC driver.

Now, when I turn on/off the patio fans/lights from the RRD-8ANS-WH Main Switch or any of the 3 RD-RS-WH Switch Remotes, RadioRA2 Main Repeater is aware and the CQC driver is updated, as are the built in load change Event Triggers. Because of this, I can now keep the BOND unit in sync and do other things.

Hope this helps.

RE: Update on ZWave & RadioRA2 Multi-Gang and CQC - Dean Roddey - 01-31-2020

That's not an inherent Z-Wave issue, BTW. The device could report those changes, it just doesn't. Some do, though in some cases it's an option you have to enable explicitly.