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Multiroom Audio Suggestions - kblagron - 06-23-2017

I currently have two B&K CT-610 multiroom audio amps controlling 12 zones, and had an issue with one of them - doesn't power on, all fuses intact, and that is about as far as I feel comfortable with in-home repairs.  Since B&K is no longer in business supporting their old systems, I am going to buy a used B&K CT-610 which are easy to find on ebay, but want to be looking down the road for when those systems aren't easily found anymore. 

I was just curious if anyone had any comments on the Nuvo and Russound systems, or any others that may be CQC compatible.  Since I am wired to a central wiring room with speakers and keypads, I probably would like to keep it the same.  I do have a Sonos Connect to distribute music through the B&K, but not sure I want to spend the kind of money that would be required to get the Sonos Connect/Amps to cover my setup, plus I still use the keypads to turn music on at times.

Just looking for suggestions - for now I am going to try a used B&K option, but would be interested in what peoples thoughts were.

RE: Multiroom Audio Suggestions - jkmonroe - 06-26-2017

I just want to point out that you can now grab a Sonos keypad.

It's a little pricey, but it works. Smile

RE: Multiroom Audio Suggestions - znelbok - 06-26-2017

And its ugly

RE: Multiroom Audio Suggestions - sic0048 - 08-17-2017

(06-26-2017, 03:26 PM)znelbok Wrote: And its ugly

Have you seen the B&K keypads?  Those are sexy compared to the B&K!

RE: Multiroom Audio Suggestions - znelbok - 08-17-2017

There are rumors that echo's are going to support MRA. $50 dots around the house connected to external amps and speakers may be a better solution