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RE: Fibaro RGB controller - zaccari - 07-15-2021

For anyone considering using the Fibaro Zwave controller, I thought I would throw out what I'm using for RGB/RGBW lighting now, the D1 Mini. I'm using a couple of different varieties of the thing, but the easiest is the the DigUno/DigQuad. They run WLED onboard, have a WiFi setup and talk MQTT. In my kitchen, I'm putting IP67 LED strips along the underside of the cabinets and using a Shelly1 hooked to the old light switch, I'm turning them on/off. The LED strips I picked are very tight so I have more light than I need. I have several ways I can change their state in CQC (MQTT & HTTP) without difficulty. Surprisingly once I got the pieces together, the software side came together easily (I'm still fighting with the MQTT driver but the important parts of the project are working fully).