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  JRiver problem
Posted by: ellisr63 - 11-13-2019, 11:14 AM - Forum: Installation/Configuration - Replies (4)

I installed JRiver, and went through my whole database, and made sure all the metadata was correct. I then installed the JRiver driver, and also the CQC Headless driver. I went to do a autogen, and it tok, but it says there are no entries. I looked at the JRiver driver, and it says there are 569. What am I doing incorrectly here?

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  Open Weather Map - CurIcon
Posted by: zra - 11-07-2019, 11:32 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (2)

If Im understanding this correctly, the value corresponds to a weather condition. However on the website the values are not the same as what the driver is displaying. 


For example "Clear sky" value on driver is 32 but 01d from the above link. 

Is there some relationship or am I missing something?

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  Location - Los Angeles
Posted by: zra - 11-07-2019, 07:02 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (2)


I'm not able to set my location to Los Angeles. It reverts to Las Vegas every time. As a sanity check, I set it to Honolulu and that worked, so it's something about Los Angeles. Any ideas?

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  Editing Triggered Events Possibly Causing Kernel Panic/Crash
Posted by: gReatAutomation - 11-01-2019, 04:40 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (6)

Not sure if this is CQC causing this but the coincidence is too much. Both yesterday and today, when I am editing actions inside a triggered event, my Windows 10 system crashes. I thought it may be an OS issue however, after it happened yesterday, I powered off/on the system and left it alone for the remainder of the day and everything worked as normal.

Today, I tried editing actions in a triggered event and it happened again.

Both times, I was editing the actions of a triggered event that was not Pause mode (i.e., the triggered event was running).

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Posted by: zra - 11-01-2019, 10:13 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (1)

Hi Dean, 

Can you take a look at this code and tell me if anything looks amiss? The file to be parsed is located here C:\Program Files (x86)\CQC 

The macro is failing on this line CimisFile.Open("\\daily204.csv"); . It used to work a few years back, but something is going wrong now. 


Method Start() Returns Int4
            FileInStream CimisFile;
            Card4 IndexErr;
            String TarLine;
            String CurLine;
            StringTokenizer STok;
            SimpleFldClient FClient;
            Float8 EtoFlt;
            String EtoStr;     
        //Open CimisFile

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  E-Mail stopped working ... but then fixed
Posted by: rbroders - 10-31-2019, 01:03 PM - Forum: CQC Support - No Replies

Its been working great for years using SMTP and port 587, but now I get this error:

10/31 13:37:24-HARTFORD, CQCAdmin, StdCmdEngineThr1
    CIDNet, CIDNet_SMTPClient.cpp.845, Failed/Unknown, Error: 5112/0/0
    Got an unknown response to the authentication process (500 - command unrecognized)
      <CQCAdmin> CIDNet_SMTPClient.cpp - 733

I changed the e-mail setup to use SMTP (Secure) and the SMTPS port 465 and I get this message:
10/31 13:42:36-HARTFORD, CQCAdmin, StdCmdEngineThr2
    CIDSock, CIDSock_StreamSocket.cpp.433, Failed/Not All Data Read, Error: 5014/0/0
    Could not read or write all requested bytes
      <CQCAdmin> CIDNet_SMTPClient.cpp - 733

So I said why not try all combinations and sent plain SMTP over the secure port

Then I tried SMTP (Secure) over the standard port 587.

Okay, I guess my ISP (XFinity) changed their e-mail requirements.

Hopefully this post will save the next guy some frustration...  -- Bob

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  Pause / Resume Triggered or Scheduled Actions from the Interface Viewer
Posted by: gReatAutomation - 10-29-2019, 06:03 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (2)

Is it possible to Pause / Resume Triggered or Scheduled Actions from the Interface Viewer?

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  Template scaling
Posted by: George M - 10-27-2019, 03:55 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (4)

I have searched but cannot find what I need. I have a new tablet and want to use with my existing setup. Where is the documentation on scaling templates to use a different size screen?
When scaling does it scale the template and all the widgets associated with that template?

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  "AI" capabilities in CQC
Posted by: lleo - 10-24-2019, 07:04 PM - Forum: Beta Discussions - No Replies

I couldn't help it but to give it such a subject line to this thread, although I get the shivers every time I hear or say "AI"
But along came this idea, about what if CQC had some kind of usage/log data collection built in, and there would be some functionality to act on the accumulated data?

On my end, where I cater to my "user" base, and I learned that I never can hit everyone's needs. One would like the UI to start directly with light controls, another with weather, and so on...
I am thinking of a functionality, where for example the main menu order would be driven by the number times each element have been accessed on a client-level. The same concept could also be applied to some lists of widgets as well. And then extended to factor in time of the day and other aspects as well in the decision algorithm to create lists or orders.

Ultimately this can evolve to also support actions or other decisions CQC can be programmed to be making.

The concepts sounds intriguing to me since CQC would keep all of this data local, no need to rely on cloud, at least I have no a single device that needs access to cloud. And would create a new evolutionary direction for CQC capabilities.

I thought it through to get done some of this functionality myself, but to create a event monitor to capture certain events within a client and than store that info in some backend, and than build the functionality into the client itself sounded too much.
Personally I find the event monitor a bit cumbersome for some basic functionality, would love the option to simply tick a box for CQC to automagically store the values of a field over time at an customizable frequency.

So what you all think?

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  Increment web image widget
Posted by: NishanF - 10-23-2019, 05:18 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (5)

Looking for some suggestions on how to accomplish something.

I have a number of cameras, and on my interface homepage, I'd like to have a single web image that automatically increments between the six cameras, perhaps once ever 2 seconds ...there isn't enough space on the home page to display all the cameras simultaneously.

A few ideas I had:

1. Use a field based web image widget, and write another driver whose only task is to update a field with the URL every few seconds.
2. Use a timer to accomplish the same thing.
Both seem wasteful, as I don't see a way to reliably start the then stop the events triggering...starting the event triggering is easy on loading the interface viewer, but I don't see a way to reliably stop it.

3. Have another small lightweight external webserver gather and increment the images and then provide a single URL to serve to CQC.

Other ideas?


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