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  Help with RIVACmd
Posted by: alexismtz13 - 05-14-2022, 05:16 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (1)

I am looking at using RIVACmd to just open a web player for spotify and possibly other music streaming services on either an overlay or a separate tab, but an overlay would be best. Do I need to declare a specific command in the WebRIVACmd.js file to do this? I saw in the documentation that CQC by default can handle some commands but then it only says it can handle one, "LoadURLTab". I tried that but, that doesn't work. I saw references to the OpenOverlayURL command in other posts but I couldn't make that work. If I do need to declare commands in the WebRIVACmd.js file, what is the syntax that I'm supposed to follow?


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  An Idea - CQC as Front End for Home Assistant
Posted by: znelbok - 04-26-2022, 01:49 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (3)

Because of the decline in CQC and I have a of of devices that are now not connected to CQC and I need to integrate somehow, I was unfortunately forced to look at Home Assistant.

Things like Tuya, Modbus, and many other mainstream integrations exist in HA that we really should have had in CQC.

People talk about how great it is, but honestly, CQC is far better with only the lack of drivers being its biggest issue right now.

So this got me thinking, HA has an API, so if we could build a driver for CQC to talk to HA, we could then use CQC as a graphical front end to HA, and this could breath some new life into CQC.

Keep all the drivers there, so something not in HA can be covered in CQC, and just add the HA drivers and auto import all fields from HA.

Any thoughts on this as an idea - I am still learning HA (2 days into it), and I still prefer my CQC by a long way so far.


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  Admin Interface Help Doesn't Work
Posted by: alexismtz13 - 04-25-2022, 07:48 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (1)

Why doesn't the help section work on the admin interface? Whenever I try to open something, I get an error saying:

"The address of the Master Server's Web Server could not be gotten"

I installed CQC following the instructions of the youtube video.

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  Recurring Errors - Help to identify
Posted by: Bugman - 04-02-2022, 04:09 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (1)

Hi: Just checked my logs and this appears over and over, so trying to track it down. The cursor blinks on and off while in the admin screen, so likely causing issues. Lake Main is a client not the server itself, but CQC is the server pc. Windows 10, and CQC version 6.0.0. Could be a couple of errors as well.

< --> 04/02 07:56:11-LakeMain-PC, CQCWebSrv, SockListEngNSecThread3
    CIDSock, CIDSock_SocketListener.cpp.404, Status/App Status, Error: 5048/0/0
    Could not bind any listening interfaces on 80
      <CQCWebSrv> CIDSock_ListenEngine.cpp - 377
04/02 07:56:16-LakeMain-PC, CQCAdmin, CQCMediaMDBCacher
    CQCMedia, CQCMedia_ThisFacility.cpp.2627, Failed/Internal
    An exception occurred in the media cache thread
04/02 07:56:16-LakeMain-PC, CQCClService, CIDOrbSrvWorkThread_2
    CIDOrb, CIDOrb_ThisFacility.cpp.576, Failed/Not Found, Error: 6503/0/0
    Object '{7EE18BDB7E607212-6455454A53F1497B}702B8741A1DA9993-50AB0B531BBCF580' was not found on this server
      <CQCAdmin> CQCKit_ClSrvClientProxy.cpp - 113
      <CQCAdmin> CQCMedia_ThisFacility.cpp - 2635


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  MQTT Verify Configuration not working
Posted by: znelbok - 03-09-2022, 02:34 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (4)

Hi all.

I have been trying some more MQTT stuff and I need to verify the config file but it appears to not run

C:\Program Files (x86)\CQC\Bin>CheckMQTTCfg.exe /Moniker=CBus

CQC MQTT Config Checker

The CQC environment was not found

C:\Program Files (x86)\CQC\Bin>

The environment variable not found is obviously the problem - does anyone know how to overcome this and get the verification to work.


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  Trigger not Working after Move to new Server & V6.0.7
Posted by: kblagron - 03-01-2022, 10:32 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (4)

I have a simple trigger that worked fine prior to moving to new hardware and a 6.0.7 upgrade.   

The trigger looks for "Is a Field Change For"  on ZonePlayer.CurTrack (which is the Sonos ZonePlayer driver).

Once the field changes, it should copy the name into a CQC Variable Driver file, but it doesn't anymore.  I changed the Triggered Event to log invocations, but it never logs the event, even though I can see it changing in the driver on the AI while watching it.

Any thoughts why a trigger wouldn't work anymore?  I know I had to delete and recreate a few driver setups to get them to work, so maybe that is what is needed here, but would like some input first.  

After reading this, I said what about the other triggered events, and low and behold they don't work either.  My scheduled events seem to work fine.  Anyway, any thoughts on what to do next would be grateful.


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  Text to Speach Voice
Posted by: George M - 02-09-2022, 07:04 AM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (2)

I have been on v 5.4.920 for quite some time. I was building a new computer (not the MS) and decided it was a good time to update to 6.0.7
Everything went smoothly except that now my voice for my announcements is the male voice where I always used one of the English voices. I checked in my windows settings and it is still set to use the female voice. Is there a setting somewhere to specify what voice to use?

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Posted by: znelbok - 02-08-2022, 01:57 PM - Forum: Driver Development - No Replies

With MATTER being in the [Tech] news a lot lately and with all the big players on board, does any see the need for MATTER within CQC.

I am not able to write the driver - that is way above my level, but if CQC is to stay relevant it needs to keep moving forward.

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  Problem Moving CQC to new Computer
Posted by: kblagron - 02-05-2022, 05:55 PM - Forum: CQC Support - Replies (12)

Well, my 2007 vintage computer finally started failing, so I decided to upgrade, and found a great deal on an HP Proliant Server.  Since I was running Win10 on my CQC Server, and also had WSE2016 on another, I figured I would combine those two with this much faster option.

I followed the guidelines from the forum - copied everything from CQC folder in "program files" to the new computer and put it there.  I changed the name of the new computer to the name of the old one, and renamed the old one so it wouldn't interfere.  I also changed the IP address to be the same.  

When I installed CQC, I decided to move up from CQC 6.0.1 to 6.0.7, figuring that wouldn't be an issue, and that very well could be the problem.  Anyway, CQC is running, but in the AI, all of the devices show to be offline (i.e. red), and if I try to pause or resume or reconfigure one, I get this message:

01/01 00:00:00-KBLAGRON, CQCAdmin, MainThread
    CQCKit, CQCKit_ThisFacility.cpp.3370, Failed/Not Found, Error: 6009/0/0
    No CQCServer was found on host 'CQCSERVER'
      <CQCAdmin> CQCTreeBrws_DevicesBrws.cpp - 2255


The new WSE 2016 box is named CQCServer, but of course it has a longer name because of the domain.  Maybe someone with more experience can help me out on this one.

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  SmartThings API V1 driver
Posted by: kfly - 02-01-2022, 04:38 PM - Forum: Driver Development - Replies (5)

Looks like SmartThings released a new API “V1” that can give CQC access to 5,000+ devices.

Was trying to figure out how to add new unsupported devices into CQC and extend my CQC system for many years to come. As everyone knows there is no other HA system out that compares to the configurability of the GUI interface or the back-end control you get from CQC.

Here is a first cut of a driver.
Driver install prompts:
1. SmartThings Personal access token(PAT) (see below)
2. Polling Interval (default is 5)
3. SmartThings Hub Location ID  (driver needs to lookup the device ID)
4. List of devices to poll(cloud) in device type:name,,,,  format(see below)


  • It polls the SmartThings cloud API. (hopefully a local poll of hub will come soon)
  • It does one small status poll for each device at poll time. (so keep it to a small number of devices not supported by CQC)
  • Current device types supported are: lightswitch,dimmerswitch,doorlock,floodsensor.
  • Driver creates fields based on SmartThings device Names after a one time lookup on the hub. So if no ST_ field is created you may have a typo on your device configuration during driver install.
I have a SmartThings V3 Hub and currently use CQC as a secondary zwave controller.
After a few weeks of testing. Seems to work well at 5 seconds poll times.

You need to Generate a PAT(Personal Access Token)
(as you will need a Bearer Token)

To get your LocationID   (Hub ID)
If you drill down into your Hubs or Devices off that ,locationID, hubID, DeviceID  will be at end of the  url “897ssd87f-bc9d-433ae-d32e-a5bcb0f2xxxx”
This is what my URL looks like.

Devices to Poll:
Format is device type: name (example below)
Note: This is the name in SmartThings app or website.
lightswitch:Garage Lights,Landscape Lights&dimmerswitch:Foyer,Liv Rm Inside&doorlock:Front  Door Lock&floodsensor:Laundry Flood Sensor

.cqcdrvpack   SmartThings_0.5.CQCDrvPack (Size: 20.66 KB / Downloads: 0)

Please feel free to fix, enhance or change driver as needed
  • Do one larger all device stat poll and parse instead of many small polls.
  • Transition to local hub requests.(when available)
  • Add more device types(or a more elegant lookup table of some kind)
More info:
5,000+ devices compatibility on a SmartThings Hub.

Postman resources:

Just change in Auth Tab to Bearer Token(and put your token or variable  in)
I had to change in Headers Tab: unclick the Accept KEY.

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