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Full Version: Onkyo NR646 and Universal Integra Driver?
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I don't see the TX-NR6464 receiver in the list of receivers for the driver. Is there a best receiver model to pick that is most widely applicable?
It would be more which one is the same in terms of features. You need one that has the same values for at least the stuff the driver uses.
And I take it that exercise to find most comparable is left up to the end user? Smile
I don't know anything about the models myself. I don't know how the numbers related to particular features. I'm guessing that none of them would probably work perfectly, since these A/V receiver models mutate pretty crazily most of the time.

There's an NR-709 in the current list. That is probably a place to start since it's the closest to your model, to see how its supported sources and modes and such match up to what yours actually provides. Maybe it won't be too different and that would make it a starting point to add support for this new model.
Thanks Dean!

Hope I didn't come across too brash Smile

I think it'd be cool to have the documentation give the high level features for each supported receiver in a table. But I also realize that takes work. I'm happy to document my learnings from the 646 for future reference/use. If I use any models that I find to be missing any feature I'll keep track of those as well.

Just picking a random model, I did get power and source selection and volume working. Need to see if I can find one that supports the online services as well as my 2nd output zone and 2nd HDMI output (I read they can be separate sources to HDMI but am not 100%).
This driver really needs to be re-addressed. Currently it's all in one big driver. It really needs to be split out into a base driver plus derived classes that provide the needed device specific info. This would make it a lot easier to manage and handle new models. And maybe one of those would be just a table driven one for those models that don't do anything unusual so you could just provide an XML file or something that would tell it what this particular model has.

Maybe that's something I can look at once we get past the 5.0 stuff. Taking this sort of approach on all of the A/V receiver oriented drivers would be a good thing, otherwise it's just so hard to keep up.
No rush from me on it. I'm up and running with the min set I need at this point so I'm OK as-is. I'd like to do more but also my time is limited so its not likely I could do more yet. Most likely just figure out how to have CQC trigger the WatchTV activity on my Harmony Elite Hub and not worry too much about 2-way communication to the TV (a cheapy LG 4k from Dell) or to the Tivo (haven't dug in to how to setup the driver reliably for ethernet contro) and I don't think CQC controls my FireTV yet.