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Full Version: Halloween Sale and 5.0 Release
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We will be having our traditional DIY Halloween sale this year, which will coincide with our release of the 5.0 version of CQC. It will start on midnight, Monday Oct 31st, 2016, and run for two weeks, to midnight Nov 14th.

Version 5.0 is an enormous step forward for CQC, bringing to the administrative and configuration tools a consistency and standards compliance that make it far easier to use and understand. All of our documentation has also been reworked, to make it more readable, better layered, and more helpful.

As usual, all system tiers, extra capacities packages and upgrades are 25% off of their normal prices. For upgrades, that means 25% off of the difference between the price of the new tier and your current tier.

* DIY systems only, no commercial or professionally installed systems
* Doesn't apply to maintenance coverage payments