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Full Version: Redoing where I like rules
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Given my inability to leave non-CQC stuff damn well alone on my server, and my current lack of job == hold off on big expenditures for re-architecting the server layout, I decided to redo where I store rules to improve stability. (Note: CQC was *NOT* the unstable bit. But changing every other damn thing on that machine is making windows unstable/reboots).

I now have rules in 3 places:

Elk: Rules for things directly connected to the Elk. Which for now is just the low voltage lights.

ISY: I bought the $99 elk module. I'll have the simple zWave rules that are directly related to Elk sensors in here. Things "doggy door closed, turn off backyard light. This toggle switch changed, toggle that light."

CQC: Everything else, including the more complex Elk Sensor lighting rules. No motion for >x mins, etc.

Right now the distribution is (guessing)
10-15 rules inside Elk
9 rules inside ISY. (Note: no embedded logic, this would have only taken 5 CQC events)
30 rules inside CQC, BUT each "rule" has many embedded if/then/else. If I had to do this inside an ISY or Elk like construct, its well over 100.

The ISY rules were the ones that were really bugging the wife. We rely on the Elk keypad to turn certain lights on/off, not having that pissed her off.

Hopefully this makes the system a little more stable.
I've got rules in the ISY and in CQC. I wish I could keep them all in CQC but the simplicity of building rules in the ISY makes it hard to resist.
I don't really like the ISY engine, no way for embedded logic means multiple rules and stacked programs to do one thing. But for simple rules it's fine.

I like that it's not windows, so out of my ability to mess up due to unrelated items.