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Full Version: unclear error message
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Got this when trying to reconfigure a driver. Um, huh? Do I remove and start again, bounce the server?

Quote:The driver failed to load to the target CQC host, so the driver configuration is out of sync with the actual state of the target host. You can leave the driver configured to be used the next time the target host restarts but it would be best to remove this driver.
It means the driver configuration got stored, so you do have that driver config stored to the master server. And every time from here on out that machine restarts it'll try to load that driver. And you could do a reconfigure on the driver as well, after fixing what you know is wrong. But, at the moment, when you tried to load it, it couldn't be loaded, so the configuration doesn't match the actual drivers running on that machine.

Generally speaking, it's probably best to unload it until you figure out why it didn't load, then reload it. But, for someone maybe who is developing drivers and knows why it didn't load they may be happy to leave it because they are just going to reconfigure it again after making changes to make it happy.

What showed up in the logs as to why it failed to load?
does unload mean delete?
Yeh, remove the configuration. Or, if you want to figure out what's going on, you can do that first and if you find it, just do a reconfigure again and see if it loads this time. If you can't get it happy, and need some time to spelunk you can delete the driver from the list until you figure it out.

It's not that it's being in the list is disastrous or anything, I was just being cautious. Generally that sort of failure isn't something that's going to fix itself for the average user (i.e. usually it's a code thing or some required file isn't available or something like that.)
FYI in case 5.0 is meant to be the platform to attract more customers. "Remove" is the 3rd different word. Screen says "delete driver", initially you said "unload", now "remove". Best to stick with one word so its clear for newbies.
I'll reconsider the message text. It's all new to me as well, since this isn't something that could have happened in the old scheme (though it had its own quirks.)
How about this:

Quote:The new driver configuration has been stored, but the driver itself failed to load to the target CQC host. Check the logs to see why it may have failed. If you can fix issue, use the Reconfigure menu option to attempt to load it again. If it continues to fail, you may wish to delete the driver configuration from the tree browser and request help on our support forum.
thats clearer on the message. Make sure when newbies post here that you still say "delete" vs unload. (Remove should be clear, but i didn't know what unload meant".