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Full Version: Sonos opens its platform to Spotify Connect and Amazon's Alexa
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kblagron Wrote:Just our of curiosity I decided to see if there were any Dots on ebay. Its pretty funny that they range between $350 - $530 for a "Buy it Now", and in the $190's if you are bidding. It is hard to believe that they just quit selling them. I have two, but like you, wish I had purchased 3.

I thought they confirmed that it was just sold out.
These are folks reselling at a steep profit, scalping if you will...
potts.mike Wrote:I thought they confirmed that it was just sold out.

Alexa says they are sold out, and have been for 2 months, and when you ask her, she says stay tuned, as we are always looking at ways to come up with something new, or something like that. Speculation online is that they will not make them again and replace them with something else.
Alexa, are there any Dots available?
I have a couple I can let go for $250 each, Bob. Please send a payment to
I guess this isn't definitive but it gives hope.
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