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Full Version: Tips 'o the Day Compilation
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So, I'm going to start trying to periodically write a tip of the day type post. I could just create a thread that only I can post to and write them there, but then there could be no discussion and questions asked. So, instead. I'll make each one a separate thread, but link to them from this one sticky thread.
  • Using the %(f) token in the caption text of field/variable based text widgets. Discussion thread is here.
  • Creating custom Websockets based HTML clients via the CQC web server. Discussion thread is here.
  • Searching a media repository driver for a specific piece of media. Discussion thread is here.
  • Using the template 'notes' attribute as a cheat sheet from within the action editor, to remember popup parameters. Discussion thread is here
  • Moving drivers from one machine to another. Discussion thread is here.
Fixed up the links for the new forum so that they work again.
Can we get all of these types of links fixed?

[Image: Screen-Shot-2019-09-11-at-13-13-33.jpg]
Maybe not. I'm not having much luck finding them. The mangling that happened to some older posts may be making it difficult to find them in a search.