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Full Version: anyone tasker scene <--> CQC?
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Wondering if anyone has tried creating tasker scenes to do minor CQC things in a rapid fashion?

I have a few things I regularly do, if CQC had Android widgets it would be perfect. But it doesn't. Tasker could do the trick by calling stuff via an http call, would be nice to not use tasker widgets but a scene instead. That way I could paint it.
just made my first scene. Its no Interface or Riva viewer, phenomenally limited, but my god is it fast. Click an icon in Android, it opens IMMEDIATELY, and brings up the "scene" I created. It's super ugly now but i'll work on it and upload a video so y'all can see too.

For stupid fast simple things that I either don't want to wait around for "Alexa, ..." or wait to open RDP, this could be perfect. Super fast turning on backyard lights, music in various rooms, etc.
I have a couple that basically pop up an ugly dialog asking if I want to to perform actions, like when I arrive home etc.

I use my SendUserEvent macro/web page as a centralized web service interface into CQC for tasker, etc. It handles all the communication, voice recogition, etc from tasker. The I just write an action loop to look for anything coming in via the macro that I want to parse.
Played with it early on but didn't do anything with it great idea!

Here's a screen shot of a custom control panel from a reddit thread.
Interested to see what you come up with. I'm using a little program called CURL on my Andorid. It will send an HTTP request to CQC. I use it for opening garage door and a couple other little simple things like you said. Similar concept I think. It has an applet and lets you put an icon on your Android home screens for easy use. So just one button press to do stuff which is handy.
what I like about Tasker Scenes is that you can have custom size boxes, not limited to the standard widget size for Android.

This is phenomenally limited, but i'll post what I can do later today.
I use Tasker to Talk to CQC through HTTP port, but I'm interested in seeing what you come up with.
I have one other non-cqc related scene for shopping lists. Through autovoice I can say add blah to grocery, etc list. If the list is not there it will create it and add the item. I can also say "delete, shopping list" to delete the file.

The files are created in a directory sync'd with dropbox so I can edit it manually from a computer as well. The I use the geolocation for 3 specific places (grocery, hardware and walmart). If I am at any of those locations tasker pops up a scene with the list when I exit the car.

Now that I have the Echo it would be nice if I could integrate the shopping list function somehow or do something similar there. Maybe through CQC.

All this VR is kind of comical, I now have 3 different things to talk to. It's getting to be a full house around here... "Alexa turn on the theater", "Hey Cortana Pause", "Alexa turn on the lights". "Ok Google, add popcorn to grocery list". :-)