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Full Version: Blue Iris
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In not wanting to diverge too much from JKMonroe and the Batman, I'm seriously considering buying Blue Iris. I have 2 Trendnet cameras, the free recording software is killing me, and y'all are saying pretty things about it.

Anyone else using it? Thoughts? I have the demo working with one camera but not another. I suspect PBKAC though.
I'm using it. Works great. Only two cameras right now but will be adding four more soon.

Well worth the cost.
Yep, its great -- I use it with 5 cameras. Its definitely worth the money.

From a CQC perspective, I just have a screen that shows the live view for each camera. There is probably more you can do, but I find going to the blue iris app is far better than trying to replicate its functionality.
for mobile interfaces im dumping a tiny jpg every 20s to the HTMLRoot folder for CQC. for my touchscreens im trying to use the live view, but it's giving me issues (PBKAC).
@IVB, just came across this "cool new uses for my smartwatch" thread on Reddit. BI, Tasker, smartwatch. Can be changed given that we have CQC for our automation engine but the wrapper for the smartphone tasker and smartwatch part with BI seems quite interesting...

@Ben, thats cool.

BTW what kind of CPU usage are you seeing with multiple cameras? I'm hitting 15-20% on my i3. Alas I share this PC with PlayOn which is hitting 50-60% min, and its my work & photoshop desktop so I need more free cpu than that. Its a home-built machine, so i'm likely going to drop an i7-4790K into it. 3x the processing power, and only $300. Even if BI gets more intense with more cameras, that'll handle it all.
I'm running a dedicated box with a Skylake i5 and a butt load of memory, just built it last month. I'm hitting %22ish on the CPU monitor when viewing with 1 client (Android client has server status) That's with 12 cameras total, 9 analog cameras fed through a high end 16 port capture card that has on board motion detection & masking as well as 3 IP cameras, 2 720(1mp) and 1 1080P (2mp.) A 4th 1080p camera is getting added in next few days. Considering adding an outdoor 5MP dome camera to replace one of the analog cameras next month.
There is a HTTP or json API for BI as well (can't remember which) that will allow some integration with CQC. Have not looked at it for a long time so I can't remember what the functionality is.
There is JSON
whats "buttload" of memory? How much does it typically use?

I'm going to order that i7 shortly, right now there's 4GB in the server but i'm considering just getting 4x8GB and being done with it. Zero need for 32GB but its just as hard to put 4x8GB as 4x4GB, and in a few years if the artist kid does more with digital art that could be useful.
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