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Full Version: logic server
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cant find any docs for it, but now that im using it i want to do more.

can i use the logic server to make light groups that i can write to? add all lights in my living room so i could have a single field for 'living room'?
i think i figured it out. i made a boolean logic field and added my grouped fields as AnyTrue and IsTrue. so now if any light is True it's True otherwise False. so i can read the single field status and then have an action do what i want.
The documentation is all in the driver page.
oh, ok. for some reason i thought i would have it's own thing in the actual Documentation. ill check the driver docs.
I am doing something similar for the whole house audio. I have a Boolean logic field for different sets of amp/speaker pairs. So I know when they are all on. I use the action commands below those buttons to either turn the areas either on or off.