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Full Version: IV Admin Screens, or my latest stupidly complex idea
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In the "only do this if you're on sabbatical and have 20+ hours to burn doing silly things".

I got sick of forgetting which devices I have in auto-shutoff based on motion or security, requiring me to beg kids to use one of my two laptops. Decided to build dozens of variable driver fields, dozens of field checkbox widgets against them, and dozens of if-then statements in triggered events.

Just finished 1 of 4 triggered events today, will see if that works, then move on. This way I can use my phone to control all this stuff. This is taking a loooong time to setup though.

Here's the main screen that lets you pick which lights are part of any of the various auto-off routines:
[Image: fTrizvOh.png]

This one allows the user to enable/disable at a room level, and also set the amount of time before the motion auto-off kicks in.

[Image: MmEwDSTl.png]

I'm likely going to build another screen that allows the user to view & modify certain event times from an Android or Riva client.