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Full Version: delete zwave devices?
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i added another 15 devices to zwave today, and excluded 6. the 15 new devices are replicated OK, but the devices i excluded are still showing up. id blame the replication, but i dont know if i can since the new stuff is here.

is there any way i can delete the old devices? they are black, not red, which is confusing me.
Use the delete button in the client driver, then do a save. That should make them go away.
they keep coming back. it will delete, i hit save, then it just pops back up after a minute or so. i thought i read somewhere in an IVB thread that there is a cache somewhere we can delete, and when it refreshes it will get the units from the VRC0P itself.
just saw that you hope to have a 5.0 beta out tomorrow. i'll just wait for you to drop the first beta and go from there since it will be from scratch.
You do need to get them out of the VRCOP first of course. That is done by updating it from your master server.

The beta won't help you since there are a few client drivers not done yet, and that's one of them.
thats why im confused. i removed devices from master and added a lot of new ones, then updated vrc0p. the new show up, but the old are still there. i guess its of no concern since they are battery powered and shouldnt clutter the network.
If they didn't get remove from the VRC0P, then presumably they really weren't removed fro the master, since it would have had to send them again. Well, you should do the update of the VRC0P, then force the CQC client to refresh. That should make it resync with the VRC0P. At that that, the ones removed should be red in the CQC client. Do a delete on them and save.

In theory that should work.
IIRC, I had to delete them from the CQC test file stored. Can't recall where that is, though.
It should be in like [cqc]\CQCData\Client\Data\ and then the V2 Z-Wave driver specific directory under there.