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Full Version: Spring Sale: No Taxation without Automation
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We will be having the spring incarnation of our bi-annual sale for the two weeks starting from Friday, April 15th and running to the end of April. As is usual, all CQC tiers, upgrades, and extra capacity purchases will be 25% off of their normal prices. For upgrades it means 25% of the difference between the regular price of your current tier and the regular price of the new tier you want to upgrade to.

As is always the case, Gold and higher tier purchases get a complementary year of upgrades, starting from the date of purchase. However, because our 5.0 release is not THAT far off, we are going to make an exception this time and say that anyone who purchases from the start of the sale up until the 5.0 release will get the 5.0 release, even for Bronze and Silver systems.

Folks purchasing Gold and higher systems might think that this is not fair, but bear in mind that you are getting that year's worth of upgrades in addition to the sale price, so it's an extra good deal for you as well, amounting to at least a few hundred dollars saved.

[SIZE="1"]* Not applicable to version upgrades or maintenance fee payments
* Not applicable to commercial or professionally installed systems, only DIY systems are covered by this sale.[/SIZE]
Tax Day is Monday April 18th this year... (15th is a DC holiday)
Oops, our editor has now been fired. I updated it to just indicate the 15th as the starting date.
The sale prices should be active. If you still see the regular prices, you might have to flush cached files for our site or delete cookies/data for our site and reload.
Only five more days left...