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Full Version: Need download link for the 4.4.917 version
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I need to install an old version of CQC on another computer. However, without any beta releases right now, I don't have a way to get a download address that I can use. Typically I just copy the beta link address and modify it to the version I need.

Right now there is only the official version available and I can't seem to find a way to copy the actual download address. All the links just want to download the actual file.

They regular download (of old, pre-new installer) versions is always:

For betas, just add Beta/ after Installers, so:
Dean Roddey Wrote:They regular download (of old, pre-new installer) versions is always:

For betas, just add Beta/ after Installers, so:

It would be nice if there was just a link to all the old versions for people that needed them for one reason or another...especially since people don't know all the different versions :-)
Since this is what came up when I searched for how to download old versions of CQC, thought I would post here:

The above URL doesn't seem to work any longer.  I need an older version - 4_4_0  to test a couple things and hopefully export an old driver I had updated that has disappeared.

Would you be able to point me to how to download that old version of CQC?

Give it another try. When we had a slight malfunction a while ago and the downloads directory got deleted, all of the installers when with it. I put back up stuff back to 4.7, but left the others until someone might need them since there are a bunch and I'd have to rebuild them and they'd just be taking up a lot of space when probably no one will ever need the bulk of them anymore. I just put up a Zip that I zipped up from the old installer image. That should be correct.
Thanks Dean, I think maybe a file or two is missing from the .zip? Is a CQCInst.exe supposed to be in there? This is the older installer that makes a CQCInst folder and it is failing to do so because the .exe is missing... At least I think that's it.
Oh, the installer is a hidden file and I didn't tell the zipper to include hidden files. Sorry. I'll update it... give me a few minutes.
OK, give it another try.
(03-19-2018, 11:43 AM)Dean Roddey Wrote: [ -> ]OK, give it another try.

No joy... I was trying to find another version earlier.  Maybe I hit the server too hard and got banned?  I tried 4_7_0, 4_8_0 and all unavailable.

I tried this link and get a not found error.
Ugg... I named it wrong. Try CQC_4_0_0.Zip. It's really 4.4.0 just spelling wrong. Too many digits, too few brain cells. I'll fix it later, but go ahead and grab it now since it's what you are looking for.
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