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Full Version: Where is 4.8?
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Woke up this Sunday AM and decided I had nothing on my schedule to do today. At the same time, I stumbled into the new CQC/Echo document. Nicely written, seemingly pretty thorough. Hmmmm, maybe this is a good day to try and get CQC working with Echo since I had held off doing so until the challenges were ironed out a little bit.

First line, "As of 4.8 CQC supports the Amazon Echo". I guess that means I should upgrade from 4.1 to 4.8 before starting. That could take me a whole day by itself.

Then again, maybe it won't take any time at all since I can't find 4.8 on the CQC site.

Is it time for me to go rake leaves instead?
According to this, Dean was doing 4.8 documentation yesterday with the hopes of releaseing 4.8 today. You must have caught it after the docs were updated, but obviously before the actual release.
Thanks Brian. That answers my question as to why I can't find it.

Anyone know what port to forward to?
4.7.22 will be very similar and the upgrade to 4.8 should be smooth. I'm going to give it a go myself.
I may not get 4.8 out today, but definitely very soon. There won't be any substantial differences between that and the latest 4.7.x beta. There is one goober that is fixed in my local code but not uploaded yet, which I probably will put up today.

When you set up your config file, make sure that you don't do something like this:


I.e. indicate in the start of the handler that it's an action, then the EndXXX keyword is indicating the end of a macro. In the current code it will get stuck in a loop and eat up a CPU, and you'll have to kill the web server to free it up.

So, until 4.7.23 (or 4.8) comes out, be careful to get those start/end lines correct. If an attempt to reload the config fails, and the response is not a message from CQC saying it couldn't reload the config file, but one from the Echo saying there was a problem with the response, then probably the above happened, so you should check the CPU usage of the web server.
From the new documentation:

Volume, Music Volume, Theater Volume

What makes this correct vs the example you posted; is it the semicolon after EndMacro?

I'm not able to get it working and not sure where to look.
I'm trying to figure out the port to use in setting up the port forwarding in my router.

In Windows 10, using netstat - aon | more I find a PID that ties back to CQC in Task Manager. It shows two ports being used by CQC. The are both:


The two ports are:

That is not the IP address of the computer CQC is on. It is 192.168.x.x

So the question is, am I close to figuring out the proper port number or is there another way.
Hi Deane, I'm making progress. I forwarded port 80 of the CQC master server ( to the CQC Web Server (port 13514 for me). Now Echo seems to know CQC exists.
I was thinking we needed to forward the router to the correct port. I'm wondering if your router is forwarded to 80, and then re-forwarded to the web server.

I'm not a programmer or tech guy, so I'm only guessing. I don't even know if that scenario is possible.
I may have spoke too soon. Echo was asking me about CQC but won't load the configuration so I can't proceed.

There were some nice detailed tips in the echo thread but they have been deleted :-x
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