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Full Version: 2015 Columbus Day Sale
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We will be having our traditional fall 25% off sale this year from Oct. 1st to Oct. 14th. In the past we have had it towards the end of October, as a Halloween sale, but we also have one in the fairly early spring, and wanted to try to separate them out a bit more, so we are moving it back to the start of October instead.

All system tiers, and extra capacity/components packages will be 25% off of their normal price. The same applies for upgrades as well, which will be 25% off of the price difference between your current licensed tier and the tier you would like to upgrade to.

Please let anyone know about the sale who you think might be interested, so that they have time to do any product evaluations they need in order to be sure CQC is appropriate for them before purchasing.

* Not applicable to commercial/professional systems or to maintenance coverage fees.
The sale starts today...
Only one day left...