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Full Version: Windows 10 no-go :(
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I think it is more likely the Bing equivalent data collection to what Google does. Google uses your location and previous searches to help refine the results of a given search. So if I search for "house painters" I get a different set of results than you would.

The best article that I have found outlining the privacy settings in Windows 10 so far is in
Yeah I am sure it is all designed for ease of use and the right reasons, the problem it is puts too much trust into the hands of people that have already proven they cannot be trusted. But then again I am an avid Mr. Robot fan, so I am losing all faith in anything with a microchip at this point.. :-)
So definitely my issues with network access is an initial power on thing. I left it in sleep mode and checked it this morning and access was nice and quick. It's obviously faulting in stuff upon initial hard power on, and isn't too fast about it. Of course this is an i3 type Surface, so it's not the fastest CPU-wise either. But everything else seems to move along just fine after a power up. I updated my router wireless settings to N mode only, since I don't have anything but N type devices (Surface/Echo), and that seemed to help a bit with the speed, but I still need to probably try to get the router positioned better.
Apparently W7 and W8 were 'upgraded' to add data collection.

I find it a bit specious on M$ part to put at least one of these as recommended updates to resolve a windows issue as opposed to optional and telling it like it is. You have to click the information link to get the real scoop.
Ever since I upgraded my Master Server to Windows 10 I had some noticeable performance issues, and it always seemed related to the AntiMalware Service Executable hogging the CPU and Memory. After looking around awhile, I saw where you could prevent Windows Defender from checking certain areas, so for grins I went into the Defender settings-> exclusions and disabled the c:\program files\cqc folder and the cqcserver.exe process from being checked by Antimalware, and it made a remarkable difference -> Memory usage was cut dramatically and CPU usage went down to almost nothing with those settings. I am not sure what the implications are of that, but if anyone is having performance problems with Win10 and your CQC Server, it might be related to that.
Thanks kblagron. Good to know.
You might try just pointing it at the CQCData directory. That's where there can be ongoing file activity. It may be sniffing around CQCServer because it downloads DLLs from the MS. Not many these days since almost all drivers are PDL or CML, but some of the big ones are still C++ and get downloaded as DLLs. They may get marked as having been downloaded and hence suspicious. They would be in CQCData as well.
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