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Full Version: Windows 10 no-go :(
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wuench Wrote:No please don't.

+1, agreed. Dean, please don't.

While I'm finding W10 working surprisingly well out of the box the level of control M$ thinks they should have could be problematic. Just taking windows update out of your control is an easy example. Reboot the master server at random just because it is supposedly idle? How well do client machines handle this? I'm not sure W10 Home users even get to chose when this occurs.

And while I think I've got all the extraneous useful features turned off I keep finding more that I missed. The last thing I need is something firing up and running in the background when I'm doing some resource intensive task. W7 was bad enough for that. At least it was easier to turn off.

So please maintain W7 support. I'm very close to running the recover to W7 operation before the month is up. Having to set and wait 10 min before I could use my PC because 'my organization' chose to remotely manage my PC was pretty much the deciding factor.

Have you ever considered switching to Linux where you are still allowed to control your system and what's on it?
Here is a good article about all the privacy stuff you need to turn off on Windows 10.

In particular I didn't realize it had a built in peer-to-peer distribution system that will allow other users to download Windows updates from your machine. So definitely kill that, amongst many other settings.
Anyone with virtual box use w10? I was about to upgrade untilf I saw it wasn't officially supported. My zWave finally works, losing rf installer tool would make me sad.
Thanks, amazingly enough I'd found all of those. Until reading the article however I wasn't aware of how insidious and pervasive it all was. What still worries me are the ones no one has found.

This got driven home when I had to go into the group policy editor and the registry just to not have updates downloaded and crammed down my throat at M$ convenience. Really soured me on W10. I'd turned the thing on for a reason. Waiting 10 minutes for updates to be installed that I hadn't chosen was annoying. Finding that the only exposed option was whether or not to have automatic reboots just iced the cake.

I guess the only decision left is whether to trust M$ to roll the system back to W7 or nuke and repave.

I don't need a desktop that wants to be an iPhone. I have an iPhone for that. Anybody know if creating a completely phony online persona for Apple, Google and M$ to collect meaningless drivel from and send spam to is illegal? The more this stuff comes to light the more I understand the attraction of Linux though I suppose it has its own issues.
Linux does have problems, but I would have jumped to it already except I have software that must run on Windows. But I am really enjoying my Linux unRAID installation and running Windows as VM.

Other than that I try to avoid anything Microsoft or Google.
Ultimately, I think that companies like Google created this situation, one where a company like MS can no longer be competitive just creating a powerful OS and selling it as a product. In the world we find ourselves in, the winning strategy seems to be to pimp your customers to everyone, and give away a horrendously expensive (to create) product in order to get more customers to pimp. MS seems to have finally given in to that reality. It ain't like it used to be.
I remember when everyone wondered how the Internet would monetize: subscriptions, micro-payments, what? Turns out it was the same thing that monetized television 70 years ago: advertising.

Microsoft was late to that party just as they have been late to everything starting with CP/M. What will really make life difficult for Microsoft, and ultimately Google, is Open Source. More and more of what I use is Open Source. If I wasn't running a few high-end programs, I wouldn't need anything else except an ISP.

Careers at internet giants like Google and Microsoft may someday go the same way as the careers of telephone operators.
RichardU Wrote:Linux does have problems, but I would have jumped to it already except I have software that must run on Windows. But I am really enjoying my Linux unRAID installation and running Windows as VM.

Other than that I try to avoid anything Microsoft or Google.

Yes. That's the impression I'd gotten. Didn't figure TiVo, NAS boxes etc were all just doing Linux only because it was cheaper. I haven't gone Linux for the same reason. Just didn't make sense to set up Linux to turn around and run everything in a Windows VM.
I don't think open source is any sort of threat to MS, Google, etc... I've done quite a bit of open source work (wrote the Apache C++ XML parser and the validator for the Java one.) It really only does a good job on plumbing. For applications targeting the masses, it is dwarfed by commercial software, completely, and for good reason.

And of course the only reason there are lots of developers available to work on open source projects is that they either have a day job as a commercial software engineer or (in my case) was being paid to work on it by a large commercial company because it wanted the plumbing stuff. Without the draw of lots of high paying commercial software jobs, you can be sure that the level of software engineering would drop like a rock.

You occasionally find amateurs who are as good as the pros in any given field of endeavor; but, in terms of area under the curve, the folks who get paid to do it are usually getting paid because they are far better at it. They get far better at it because it's their day job, not something they do on the side. And they can only do it as a day job if there's lots of money coming in to support them.
Same truths as any job. While one may be willing to do it for fun you still have to eat. No free lunch. So it works best to have a job you'd do anyway if at all possible.

In the case of W10 I don't know how else to get the point across beyond rolling back to W7. Will M$ care? Probably not unless a lot of people do too. But maybe by the time I have to move forward again the upload your life to M$ won't be as blatant and I'll be allowed to control my own PC again. Nah... But the alternatives are getting better.
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