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Full Version: Windows 10 no-go :(
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The good news. The advisor said everything was compatible and so far it all seems to be working. No drivers unhappy etc.

The bad. Maybe I read the W10 upgrade offer wrong. I was under the impression you could let it download and just leave it set until you were ready. No. Once it downloads about all you seem to be able to chose is when over the next couple days it runs.

And despite having chosen no on what must have been 3-4 screens of give your world to M$ I still feel like the thing is open to the world. There also seems to be a great deal of the same BS they pulled with Office. Revise the menus and appearance just for the sake of change.

Has anyone figured out the decrapify routine? Can't imagine needing about 98% of the included apps on a CQC MS. Or at least a way to stuff them all into one directory so I don't have to wade through it all each time? I've always tried to keep the MS down to a minimum install.

Guess I'll need to get used to it since Dean will most likely want to make it all W10 common in the near future since it's free. At the moment I'm regretting not following my wait for the first service pack before upgrading rule.

If there's any performance improvement I can't see it.
You can download the official ISO onto a thumb drive and use it to update exactly when you want to.

The ribbon menus do seem like a giant step backward in UI.

I haven't seen yet how to declutter All Apps. I think it's a lost cause and I will use the right hand part of the start menu for the stuff I care about.

But Windows 10 is far from being free. The update is free, but new copies are pricey. We live in a tech world where everything is cheaper, except Microsoft. We are at the point where the operating system can cost more than the hardware it's running on.
RichardU Wrote:The ribbon menus do seem like a giant step backward in UI.

I haven't seen yet how to declutter All Apps. I think it's a lost cause and I will use the right hand part of the start menu for the stuff I care about.

First thing to do is the same as for 8.x; Download & install Classic Start Menu. It's free and it works like a start menu should work.
Thanks guys. I knew that there was a downloadable update out there. Just thought I'd pass that part of the experience on in case someone read it the same as I did. Install when you're ready. Didn't interpret ready as get the PC borked today or tomorrow, your choice.

I think I will download the ISO for the other PCs. One possibly squirrelly actor in the house at a time is enough.

I've already started to populate the RH side as you're doing. But since Mark has a solution I'll just dump the W10 menu entirely. Maybe if enough do M$ will get the idea. Nah. When W8 came out I'd looked and decided nothing there I want so I'd forgotten about the third party fixes.

Silly me thought that all the 'value added' apps would be under Add/Remove Windows Components like always. Not there. I'll keep looking. More important for the laptop. Last I need is one of the useful features starting on its own and bricking a DME. Let you all know if I find something.

I was impressed that I didn't end up in driver hell. At least WDM isn't littered with !. The Edgeport is working. Have to test the DAL CardDeluxe to see if it is or only thinks so. Figured M$ would get the mainstream stuff right. The more obscure not so much.
This might be of use to new users:

And Revo Uninstaller has a W10 compatible version out. Haven't been brave enough to try it but in theory it's hunter mode will nuke anything. Not sure how integrated some of this stuff is with the OS.
I have had three systems running for years. My CQC machine, a Security machine (IP cameras), and unRaid. Now that unRaid has virtualization, I bought a new MB that supports it and did some experiments.

So now, on my unRaid machine, I am still serving 16tb of files, plus I am running two virtual windows 10 machines, one that runs CQC and one that runs Security. (I could probably have combined them, but prefer the modularity.)

It's fantastic. My biggest concern was control over serial ports for CQC. I have a usb/serial adaptor and unRaid allows me to assign that to any VM. Worked perfectly.

In some ways, a VM is better than bare hardware. In the hardware world, upgrading to a new MB means reinstalling software. With a VM, moving to a new machine takes as long as copying one 30g file.

I'll be glad to answer any questions.
I had to do something similar when I converted to Plex. My CPU just couldn't keep up. I happened to have another motherboard/CPU with better performance so just swapped it out, moved the VMs and was up and running.

There are some caveats to it, if you are exposing hardward directly to the VM you may have issues, and I did have a few issues with COM ports moving around on me within the VM. This was all Win7 though. Since it is whitebox ESX there was some trouble in getting the right NIC and storage drivers for the new MB. But it was mostly easy.

I am still a little squeamish about moving my VMs to Win10. The primary reason is I don't want Win10 updating these without my control. And Win10 doesn't really bring anything to the table for me on my server systems. I don't need a pretty interface, I don't need Cortana. But I guess i'll have to make a decision before my year runs out on those licenses....

Edit: Well just tried to get on my laptop only to have it go away for 30mins rebooting and updating, even though I have the setting on to not reboot unless I tell it. There were several minutes of black screen with no feedback and several reboots. So I just added the registry keys to stop all updates and notifications. MS really needs to take a course in Human Psychology. No one is going to tolerate constant updates if they happen all the time and require reboots. They think they are being like IOS or Android with this update thing but they aren't because my Android tablet has probably been rebooted 3 or 4 times tops in the year I have had it and it updates stuff regularly.

Here are the keys I changed, hope if takes... Supposedly only works on WinPro.


Another bit that might be of use if you wish to control when bandwidth and resources are being hogged. W10 Pro only.

Then again maybe I'm the only one who doesn't know this stuff...

Dean, are you going to be dropping W7 support anytime? It sounds like I'm not the only one that just wants a desktop OS, not iOS. W10 has worked amazingly well from the get go. Just a hassle finding the off switch for all the 'value' added features.

And just in case someone else got caught by this. The volume slider works more reliably if press and hold for right click is turned off. This setting isn't carried over from the prior windows version.
It would be fine with me to make Win10 the baseline, but it probably wouldn't go down so well given how recently we moved up to Win7. It would be well worth it from a development point of view though.
No please don't.
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