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Full Version: New Amazon Echo Support
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[All of this discussion is really old and probably should be ignored. This was the thread where all of this was initially worked out. So a lot of it refers to examples and content that doesn't exist anymore, and some of it is probably out of date and hence incorrectly. See the HTML help where all of this is covered now. If you have questions, start another thread. This thread is being locked.]
(Removed and replaced with the PDF content in the first post.)
(Removed and replaced with the PDF content in the first post.)
(Removed and replaced with the PDF content in the first post.)
Here is a blog that shows you the steps required on the Amazon side. There's a good video there that goes through the steps. The actual information that you would enter in these steps is stuff that I will provide, so this video will just be a walk through to show you the steps, you won't have to actually come up with any of the content he's demonstrating.

There really three things:
  • The javascript file, which you'll paste in
  • The 'intent scheme' which is a JSON file which you'll paste in
  • The 'utterances' which tell it the form of the spoken phrases supported and how to map them to 'intents' that get sent to CQC

I'll provide all three of those things. You could potentially modify the utterances a bit to provide other forms of them, as long as you know what you are doing. But nothing else can be changed. All of your work is on the CQC side, to handle the incoming requests.

And of course none of this will do you any good until I get 4.7.5 out, which is the first one that will have support in the web server for this stuff.
Oh, and there's also a special command:

Alexa, tell Control to Load Echo Configuration

Or you can say:

Alexa, tell Control to Load Configuration

That will cause it to send a command to the Web Server which will be triggered to reload the configuration file, so that you can make changes without having to cycle the server. 'Control' of course is just an example, it will be whatever you have configured in your Amazon app configuration.
I'm getting an error setting up the Skill:

Error: There was a problem with your request: Unknown slot Value

I am in the developer portal copy/pasting the Intent and Utterances.
Oops, I must have made a mistake at the end. It's soooo error prone having to make the changes there and hope you remember to get them stored away correctly.

Anyway, the CQCQueryIntent's slot name should be Value, not Query, note it has to be the same as what is used in the sample utterances, and the query intent is using Value as the slot name.
ok, got through that.

do we need to 'submit our application for certification'?
No, if it's not being monetized, you don't have to submit it.